Photo GalleryRuby Princess Bridge Tour

Ruby Princess Bridge Tour

Bridge on the Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess Captain Fabrizio Maresca invited Cruise Fever to take a tour of the bridge on our last cruise.  These pictures were taken on our last sea day during a 5 night Western Caribbean cruise for the American Heart Association.

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Here are the controls on the starboard wing of the bridge that extends over the side of the ship.  These are primarily used when the ship is docking in port on the starboard side.  The port side of the bridge has the same controls for when the ships docks on the port side.

These two lookout men work 4 hour shifts notifying the captain if they spot any other vessels in the area.  The captain told us that there are few ships in the Caribbean where we were sailing.  However in parts of Asia, these men stay busy notifying the captain of others ships in the area so they can avoid any collisions.

Here is the ship’s helm and wheel.  The large wooden wheels with 8 spokes are a thing of the past on cruise ships.

The captain can also control the direction of the cruise ship with this tiny joystick.  It is hard to believe that this 3 inch joystick can control a 113,000 gross ton ship that is nearly 1,000 feet long and consists of 19 decks.

A screen showing the ship’s six engines and two main propellers.  The engines on the Ruby Princess can produce 46 megawatts of power.

The crew onboard have their own pool and hot tubs at the front of the ship where they can kick back and relax.  It is needed as they work hard, 7 days a week for months at a time.

The gorgeous view of the ship from the port side wing of the bridge.

A few pictures of the ship’s two stabilizers.  These stabilizers keep the ship from rocking in rough seas to keep passengers from getting seasick and to provide a better cruise experience.


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Photo GalleryRuby Princess Bridge Tour

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