Cruise NewsCruise Ship Returns to Port After Child Nearly Drowns in Wave Pool

Cruise Ship Returns to Port After Child Nearly Drowns in Wave Pool

The Oasis of the Seas returned to Port Everglades on Saturday night soon after leaving port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a medical emergency after a child was found underwater in a wave pool.

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The 4 year old boy was found by another passenger underwater in the wave pool on the 15th deck on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas on Saturday night.

Crew members began to give the boy CPR when he was found not breathing, without a pulse, and in full cardiac arrest.  The crew was able to revive the child as the ship was returning to port.

The child was taken to Broward Health Medical Center and was in critical condition.  The child has not been identified by authorities.

The only cruise line to currently have lifeguards by the pools on their ships is Disney Cruise Line.  Cruise Fever will continue to monitor this story and will have further updates when information becomes available.

Photo Credit: PTZtv

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Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsCruise Ship Returns to Port After Child Nearly Drowns in Wave Pool


  1. What about a Medivac Helicopter.
    Even if they cannot land on the ship, can winch up, and have paramedics on the aircraft. certainly more of an idea than small-experienced CPR people on board.

  2. I’m sure the parents are suffering enough. Should of would of could of. It happened and nothing can take it back. Making comments about the parents without knowing the real story ( being there) isn’t really nessecarry. It’s a shame and sad but I hope this child recovers and the parents learn a hard lesson.

  3. I don’t believe any 4 year old could manage to get to the 15th deck alone, day or night.. The parents should be in custody at the very least. You don’t leave any child unsupervised at any time.It only takes a couple minutes to loose them forever!!!!

  4. First of all, my prayers go to the child and their family. Second having been on a recent first cruise, I wonder about the parents who do bring their children and what they expect while they are on vacation. If children might be in danger of wandering out of a cabin ( maybe there needs to be extra security available to those parents who have children of that age) I don’t have all the answers, but I did see all ages at all hours during my vacation and some not being monitored at all by their parents. It’s a shame that the entire ship had to turn back for something that might of been prevented by more vigilant parents and possible security measures.

  5. My opinion is that I’m obsessive in caring for my loved ones. With that said, a 4 year old does not get in trouble unless s/he is alone. Where were the parents/family? It is evident that the crew members were trained to assist the child. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a lifeguard, but ultimately, the responsibility falls on the parents.

  6. It was also night so the child should have been in his cabin. I bet the family had all went to bed and the kid snuck out. I hope he’s doing OK.

  7. Where were the parents of this poor 4 year old, and how did he fall or get into a pool without their knowledge? Parents should be responsible for their children on any cruise ship, especially for one so young! I have sailed many times with my grandchildren and always whenever near the pool have them in sight at all times as do their parents. It is not up to ship crew to be lifeguards. It is up to parents to be responsible for their children, not to feel that because they are on vacation they don’t have to watch their children. If they don’t want to watch the children, bring a nanny!

    • I totally agree!!! If parents are going to take children on a cruise, then they need to pay attention to them. I ‘ve been on many cruises and have see parents drinking an just letting their kids run. I’m sorry it happened, but Its not up to the cruise lines to babysit unless put into one of the cruise lines programs. Hope the child will be ok.

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