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Types of Travelers Who Would Like a River Cruise

Like their ocean-going counterparts, river cruises are also a more inclusive experience than land travel. That reality makes river cruising a viable option for travelers who have been on an ocean cruise. Still, while much of the experience is similar, there are some distinct differences to get past on the way to identifying types of travelers who would like a river cruise.

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Budget Focused Travelers
Your travel fund will like that the up front total cost of a river cruise experience often covers more. Drinks and tours, for example, are included with many river cruise offerings. That’s not a special deal or limited-time offer. It’s just the way river cruises work.

Bucket List Checkers
If the clock is ticking on time available to see places dreamed of in our lifetime, try river cruising on our planet’s original highways. On a European or domestic river, ships run into history at every bend.

Small Ship Fans
With around 200 people on a river cruise ship, much of the small ship experience enjoyed on a luxury, boutique cruise line will be similar. That’s good news for travelers already sold on small ship cruising. Travelers considering a first small ship cruise might pick a river cruise for that reason as well.

Fans of History, Geography, Life
Much of the river cruise experience includes direct contact with history and geography. It does not take long to notice the relationship between those two elementary school topics and life. In way, travelers who did not care for those topics in school get a second chance with a river cruise.

Solo Travelers
Those who travel by themselves might enjoy river cruising with far fewer other passengers along for the ride. That fact makes moving those far fewer travelers from place to place a more efficient process. This is something solo travelers are usually ahead of the game on. They simply don’t have to be concerned about fellow travelers being on time, ready to go when it is time to go, etc.

Actually, like solo travelers, empty-nesters and seniors are two more types of traveler who would like a river cruise as well. They also have their act together and will also appreciate a river cruise experience.

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Cruise NewsRiver CruisesTypes of Travelers Who Would Like a River Cruise

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