Cruise NewsRoyal Caribbean Changing Policy for their Deluxe Beverage Package

Royal Caribbean Changing Policy for their Deluxe Beverage Package

Royal Caribbean is changing their policy for the Deluxe Beverage Package and if one person 21 or older purchases the package, everyone in the same stateroom must also purchase it.

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According to, “Any guest wishing to purchase a Deluxe Beverage Package must do so for all other guests 21 years and older in the same stateroom, for sailings on or after December 31st, 2017.”  Previously, not everyone 21 years or older in a stateroom had to purchase the Deluxe Beverage Package if one of their cabin mates did.

This change comes after a test program was run on their newest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas.  This policy change only affects the Deluxe Beverage Package and not any of the other drink packages offered by Royal Caribbean.

The reason for this change is due to passengers sharing drinks with those who did not purchase the package.  The sharing of drinks is not allowed and all drink packages are for single guest use only.

The Deluxe Beverage Package costs $55 per day (plus gratuity). The package must be purchased for the entire length of the cruise and includes the following:

  • Cocktails, spirits, liquor, and beer
  • Bottled still and sparking water
  • Wines by the glass
  • Fresh squeezed juices
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Premium coffees and teas
  • Fountain sodas/Coca Cola Freestyle beverages
  • Coca-Cola souvenir cup

All single beverages up to $12 per item are included.  For drinks over $12, guests will be required to pay the difference in price.  Guests will also receive a 40% discount on bottled wines up to $100 and a 20% discount on wines priced above $100.

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Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsRoyal Caribbean Changing Policy for their Deluxe Beverage Package


  1. Totally disappointed by this news! I am always on the fence about these packages, because like most people some nights I can indulged a little and probably get my moneys worth, but the other nights I might just have a couple. My last cruise I opted for the package ( single) But now that I have to factor in my wife to the package deal, whom drinks even less the decision is easy. NO WAY !
    It certainly opens the door for a bigger cash grab for RCCL, plus it will invite extra people to drink more, especially those whom would otherwise drink less because everyone will want to try and get their money’s worth! ( and that is when problems can occur)
    RCCL will most likely deflect this strategy by saying too many people were cheating and instead of solving that problem ( ways around cheating) they just found a way to make more money and have more intoxicated people running around the ship.

    • I would call and ask them. We are in the planning stages for a cruise with my mother. She does not drink, at all. But when I called RCCL to inquire about the policy change, they said that as long as she had a package, it didn’t have to be the deluxe, than there wouldn’t be an issue.

  2. I just called to see if I could get the Soda package while my husband pre-orders to deluxe beverage package and I was denied. Isn’t this against the law? What happened to rights and freedoms? I have taken many cruises on NCL, Celebrity and now I’m regretting my inaugural RCL cruise. I booked in May 2017 and feel duped that this change could be implemented after I booked the cruise.

  3. Not true. RC does not have a max per day. You are referring to Carnival, who has a 15 drink max per person (not between 2 ppl).

  4. I was just looking a a Jan 18 cruise and am now turned off by Royal Caribbeans new policy. I do prefer their cruise line to others and this was always a mitigating factor. I’m one of their diamond levels so I can get a couple of complimentary drinks per day around 5 PM but always enjoyed the drink package because just like the other replies I am the only one who drinks in my stateroom. Will look at other options…

  5. Not everyone need to get the deluxe package if only 1 person drinks Ive called and told them I don’t drink and only get the soda package and they were fine with it.

  6. I will not be buying a drink package again on royal caribbean. Since I don’t drink & my husband does why should he have to pay a penalty for me not drinking., over $800.00 is a ridiculous price for us canadians as we already pay a premium with the exchange rate, transportation and pre cruise hotel. This was the only reason I sailed royal carribean but may look at other options now. If they are loosing money then why don’t they raise the price on the individual package but make it reasonable and not gouge everyone.

  7. What they also forget to mention is that the “unlimited” drinking isn’t so…I think you get a max of 15 drinks a day between the 2 people.

  8. Booked on Voyager of the Seas in July 2017 for February 2018 departure and now in October 2017 they introduce a drink policy change retrospective.

    Travelling with my 81 yr old mother who by the way is a non drinker yet RCL expect her to shell out for a drink package as I’ve bought one prior to this new policy.

    RCL are merely pirates trying to fleece every last dollar they can extract from passengers.

    • We’re going on the same cruise and to take some of the pain off you I’m happy to pay for 50% of the second package to release some pressure from you..

  9. In total agreement with everyone. I found this out the other day when I was going to purchase the drink package for our upcoming February 2018 cruise. Needless to say, I did not purchase it as my husband does not drink alcohol and there is no way I was going to spend over $1000. on alcohol. I have purchased it in the past and we never shared drinks. Thank you to all the cheaters in the world, their actions have ruined it for all the honest people in the world.

    • I feel your pain. And agree the cost and new policy is just not pro customer. But if we have to mention cheaters. RCCL has to be pointed out as well . They will take your hard alcohol from you, to make the sale on board. What you don’t see is the massive amounts of unclaimed bottles of alcohol that they restock and sale to you. Believe me there is no lost on drinks.

  10. Royal Caribbean will waive it if you are pregnant, a recovering alcoholic, religious or medical reasons or if you are not a drinker. You just have to call them.

  11. When I travel it is usually with someone that can’t drink alcohol do to health issues. I don’t think that they should have to pay for the alcohol ? package. They are willing to purchase a non alcohol package. If you don’t drink this rule is not fair.

  12. what a rip off it should be included in the trips price some others companies all ready do this their beverage package is way over priced as it is and the reason why people are doing the sneaky things is because they cant afford the price of alcohol on these cruisers ,oh well its just greed, people will just fined another company thats more affordable and go with them.

  13. I think it’s very unfair when your other guest in your stateroom doesn’t drink alcohol so the one that drinks pays double???????

  14. I know when the drinks package was first introduced in the UK it was compulsory for all guests in a stateroom to purchase the drinks package. I prefer to take my two bottles of wine allowance onboard and then take it easy. Otherwise I find myself drinking more, just to make sure I get value for money.

  15. Glad we just got off a cruise 2 weeks ago with only 1 drink package. My SO doesn’t drink enough to warrant spending $900 for the 2 of us to drink on a 1-week cruise. Guess we won’t be buying any drink packages now. Guaranteed they’ll be getting less money from this household.

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