Cruise TipsReasons Why You Should Get Off the Cruise Ship

Reasons Why You Should Get Off the Cruise Ship

One of the most attractive parts of travel by cruise ship is visiting multiple destinations efficiently. We get on the ship, unpack then sail from place to place, bringing our hotel, dining room and entertainment along with us as we go.

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Cruise ships today are so comfortable and well-appointed that we may not want to go ashore. That’s understandable and surely something a few travelers will do on each sailing. Today we have reasons why you should get off the ship when in port.

Exercise Not Available On The Ship – Travelers who count steps know walking on a big ship is far better for their daily tally than possible on a small ship. At least walking off the ship so you can say your feet touched the ground at (insert name of amazing place).

It Might Not Be A Bad Situation This Time – Commonly skipped, going ashore when there are many ships in port at the same time. The thought here: everything in port will be more crowded if there are six ships in port than if yours was the only one. Not necessarily. A lot of that crowded pier viewable from your cabin balcony will spread out to attractions, beaches, restaurants and shopping.

We Really Can’t See Everything From The Ship – Some ports of call have attractions that can be seen from the ship and that might be enough. No reason to get off the ship. Not true for almost every port of call ships stop at. Civitavecchia, the gateway to Rome, is a good example.

You Might Not Always Be Able To – Older travelers understand the importance of doing stuff while their physical ability allows it. That might not always be the case.

There Are Other Times When The Spa Not Busy Too – Days in port often leave your ship nearly empty but most ship services are still available. Spa services come to mind as one of the onboard attractions that will be open while in port. Not all are. Still, stopping by the spa on the first day of the cruise we can make appointments, often in advance of sailing. This is a really lame excuse for staying on the ship.

It’s Private Island Day – Those who stay on the ship at unfamiliar ports of call often get off if their cruise ship visits an island for a beach barbecue. If fun in the sun is not your idea of a good time, there will be shaded areas. At least go see. You can come right back.

At the end of the day, another attractive feature of cruising also supports getting off the ship: flexibility. While there are many enjoyable activities both on the ship and ashore, none are required.

Chris Owen shares frank, inside information about cruise vacations on

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Chris Owen
Chris Owen
Writer – Chris Owen Chris Owen is a travel writer from Orlando Florida charged with sharing frank, inside information about cruise vacations with travelers. You can visit his website at
Cruise TipsReasons Why You Should Get Off the Cruise Ship

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