Opinion5 Best Cruise Ships for People With Excuses

5 Best Cruise Ships for People With Excuses

I will admit it.   Cruises might not be for everyone.  It pains me to even write those words.  I can’t imagine why anyone would not want to go on a cruise, but I will concede that point.

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However, there are some excuses I’ve heard as to why some people refuse to cruise.   And I’m here today to refute those excuses.

There is a cruise ship for just about everyone.  So, let’s take a look at 5 ships that will bring down the hammer on any of these excuses for not cruising.

For each excuse for not cruising I will list a cruise ship as an answer.  And if you disagree or think another ship answers the excuse, please feel free to tell me where I’m wrong in the comments below.

Excuse #1: “There isn’t anything to do on a cruise.  I’ll be bored onboard.”

Answer: Symphony of the Seas (or other Oasis class ships)

Symphony of the seas things to do

This is a very easy excuse to overcome.  I recently sailed on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas and even though it was my second time being on an Oasis Class cruise ship, I was still amazed at just how many things you can do on this vessel.

As the largest ship class in the world, there is a lot of space to make all the fun happen.   Not only are there a myriad of shows to see in the main theater and at Aquatheater (the incredible water shows with dramatic stunts and choreography), but there is also Studio B.  This is the skating rink that features lively shows on ice and is also used for cruisers to skate on as well.

What else can you do on this ship?  Let me rattle off just a few activities you can enjoy:

  • Play some glow-in-the-dark laser tag
  • Go rock climbing on a 43-foot wall
  • Slide down 10 stories on the Ultimate Abyss (waterless slide)
  • Surf on Flowrider (2 Flowriders on this ship for surfing and body boarding)
  • Hop on the carousel on the Boardwalk
  • Try to survive the escape room
  • Cool off in one of 3 twisting waterslides
  • Zipline 82 feet over the Boardwalk which is 9 decks below
  • Play some mini-golf in a heated competition

I could go on, but that should give you a little glimpse of the kind of things you can do on this ship if you are into being an active cruiser who always has to be doing something.  Don’t forget, there are also a couple arcades, a set of stairs that play music when you walk on them, and some interactive art throughout the ship.

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Watch our video tour of Symphony of the Seas below to see if for yourself:

Excuse #2: “Cruise ships are too crowded, loud, and busy for me.”

Answer:  Viking Sky (or any other Viking Ocean ship)

viking sky thermal suite

I typically find myself in this category right here.  I love all kinds of cruise ships, but most of the time I just want to relax, catch some rays, and enjoy some peace and solitude.

If a pool deck flooded with passengers and loud music is not for you, then a Viking ocean ship might be the perfect answer.

This ship offers the perfect blend of relaxation and refinement.  There is no lounge chair hogging by the pool.  The pools are heated, and the aft infinity pool is magnificent.

The ship is 745 feet long and carries less than a thousand passengers, so there is never a feeling like it’s too crowded.   The atmosphere is always calming, enlightening, and inviting.

The thermal suite is included in the price of your cruise and it my absolute favorite part of the ship.  The snow-grotto, heated loungers, therapy pool and steam room all make for an experience worth the cruise itself.

Another great thing about Viking is that you will not be nickeled and dimed.  Just about everything is included in the price of your cruise.   The thermal suite, internet, specialty dining options, specialty coffees, laundry room, and even the mini fridge in your cabin is provided to you for no extra cost.

Note: No children are allowed on the ship, so if “too many kids on a ship” is your excuse, consider it solved.

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Watch our video tour of Viking Sky and see if this is the ship and cruise line for you:

Excuse #3: “I want a good mix of active and leisure that can’t be found on a cruise ship.”

Answer: Norwegian Encore

You might find it hard to imagine that a cruise ship that has its own go-kart racing track could at the same time provide a place of solitude and serenity, but Norwegian Cruise Line has managed to provide the best of both worlds.

This also makes it a great ship for families that want the kids to be occupied and worn out at the end of the day, while the parents can get some R&R in the more subdued parts of the ship.

The active side of you can get some thrills playing laser tag and racing around in go-karts (both of these do cost extra by the way) and the leisurely side of you can enjoy the 20,000 square foot Observation Lounge on deck 15.   This lounge is actually made to live up to its name.

And if you really want to get away from it all you can book a stateroom in The Haven.  This luxurious “ship within a ship” offers an exclusive experience with a separate pool, courtyard, observation lounge and even private dining options.

Hit some of the most invigorating waterslides at sea or visit the snow room in the uber relaxing thermal suite.  Whether it’s time for adventure or relaxation, Norwegian Encore has you covered.

And if you’d rather have an amazing ropes course on your cruise, you can check out Norwegian Escape from the same cruise line.

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Excuse #4: “Cruising is old-fashioned and I’m high-tech.”

Answer: Celebrity Edge

There are some out there that still think cruising is exactly as it was when “The Love Boat” was being filmed in the 70’s and 80’s.

Across the board the cruise industry has come a long way in not only keeping up to date with modernity but even surpassing it.  Such is the case with Celebrity Edge, which we just had the chance to sail on for a couple days when the ship debuted.

The “Edge” name is in keeping with the different technologies that have been pushed to the edge.  One of the most striking features of the ship is the Magic Carpet, which is a cantilevered floating deck that goes up and down the ship during different times of day and serves as different venues.  Sometimes it’s a restaurant and other times it’s a meeting place for a beverage.  And it’s also used as a launch point for some of the most luxurious, modern tenders I’ve ever been on.

The theater has been totally re-imagined on this ship as well.  With state-of-the-art sound capabilities and visual effects that keep guests on the “edge” of their seats, it’s definitely a modern take on a curtainless theater.

The Eden lounge on Celebrity Edge is also a very different kind of immersive experience.  Incredible aft views are paired with imaginative actors who invite you into their world of simplistic, childlike freedom.  It’s new.  It’s different.  It’s definitely not your grandparent’s cruise experience.

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Watch our video tour of Celebrity Edge to get an idea of the modern concept that this ship embodies.  It’s easier shown than explained.


Excuse #5:  “I would feel too claustrophobic on a cruise ship.”

Answer: MSC Seaside

MSC Seaside is a cruise ship that promises to bring cruisers closer to the sea.  This MSC class of ships has more deck space per passenger than any other ship.  If you don’t like to feel confined but really want to soak in those ocean views and sweet ocean air, MSC Seaside might be your answer.

You can even take in the views while riding the longest zipline at sea which is a ridiculous 425 feet long.

I should also mention that the entertainment is fantastic.  A 7 night cruise will have 6 unique production shows, each dazzling and intriguing.

If you want to feel even more unrestrained and free from claustrophobia you might want to check out the Yacht Club experience which offers an exclusive lounge, dining room, bar, and pool area that is both lavish and tranquil.

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Watch our video tour of MSC Seaside here:

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J. Souza
J. Souza
Jon is the co-founder of Cruise Fever and has been on 50+ cruises since his first in 2009. As an editor, 15-year writer on the cruise industry, and avid cruise enthusiast he has sailed with at least 10 cruise lines and is always looking for a great cruise deal. Jon lives in North Carolina and can be reached at [email protected].
Opinion5 Best Cruise Ships for People With Excuses


  1. We have been on over 30 cruises for as long as 30 days and have never been scared of the storms we have been thru which admittedly have been few. The ships we have been on have been well Captain’d and crewed. They have been able skirt the storms edges and with the stabilizers on these modern ship, even heavy seas have been a reasonably smooth ride!

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