Cruise NewsCruise Ship With Condos You Live In Details New Health Protocols

Cruise Ship With Condos You Live In Details New Health Protocols

Storylines, the new cruise line that is selling condos you live in on their new ship, has announced industry leading health protocols to keep residents safe/

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In response to safety concerns following the COVID-19 Pandemic, Storylines is introducing industry-leading health protocols, and green technologies for clean air, water, and surfaces for its unique residential living community on the water. Storylines’ 741-foot-long, 627-residential unit luxury and sustainable ship is currently in the development phase.

The cruise line will provide a safe, hygienic, and sustainable offshore community for approximately 1,000 residents. The protocols announcement includes plans in the event of future health pandemics.

The company’s technologically advanced sanitation equipment and procedures include a combination of Ozone, Ultraviolet, and Hydroxyls, which oxidize and destroy organic pollutants in water and air.

Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) and Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) equipment for air and surface cleaning will be integrated into the ship’s high-tech HVAC systems, robotic ultraviolet cleaners, and room installed hydroxyl “clean air” units. These will be combined with ozone surface cleaning to reduce the use of chemicals, which contribute to poor air quality.

“Our Storylines lifestyle is based around luxury and comfort in complete safety — from how we deal with piracy in dangerous areas to viruses in the AC,” said Alister Punton, co-founder and CEO of Storylines. “We considered these vital safety issues well before the COVID-19 outbreak. With what we are doing in this industry, we will be global leaders in passenger health and safety. Or course, it’s not just the cleanliness of our vessel, but much more than that. Other major factors include limiting the number of passengers per square foot of space, and our crew’s safe living conditions. All areas have been thought through and redesigned with safety in mind.”

Key benefits of the Storylines’ experience include:

Population density and demographic – Storylines will have less than a third of the population of a ship of the same size, and this leads to far more open spaces and much more room per person. A design featuring a high percentage of balconies (87%) adds to the clean fresh air aboard. Additionally, Storylines is a residential community, not a temporary tourist destination.

Secure reservations: Reservation deposits are securely held with Storylines’ US-based escrow agent, Mariners Escrow.

Controlling Your Destiny: Self-governance – Living in Storylines’ floating residential city means residents are part of an ongoing community. Storylines’ residents will have a direct say in the decisions that protect their family while participating in a community equipped to react immediately to changing situations.

Mobility – In our modern interconnected world, it’s apparent that the ability to disconnect is the fastest way to protect ourselves and our loved ones in times of crisis. Storylines can take residents anywhere desired to escape troubling situations, most specifically, localized health issues such as COVID-19. For instance, imagine the Storylines’ community self-isolating in a safe environment off the coast of Tahiti for several months while COVID-19 ran its course.

Contamination Prevention – The prime source of travel belly sickness is the change in a traveler’s hand-washing routine when away from home. When you take your home around the world with you, your daily routine is no longer interrupted. Also, with 20 individual restaurants included in the ‘all-inclusive’ service fee — and no buffets — eating aboard Storylines is as diverse and interesting as your local neighborhood eatery, and just as safe.

Hygiene Safety – A new standard in HEPA air filtration is featured throughout, along with smart surfaces that can prevent person-to-person contact making for a pollutant-free, cleaner, and safer environment.

“We offer a unique lifestyle and adventure for our residents. The whole ship has mechanisms built in that allow it to flex, shape, and evolve with the residents as it completes its journey around the globe in safety,” Punton added

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Cruise NewsCruise Ship With Condos You Live In Details New Health Protocols

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