Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise Line Rolls Out $60 Seafood Entrée In Main Dining Room...

Carnival Cruise Line Rolls Out $60 Seafood Entrée In Main Dining Room on Select Cruise Ships

Carnival Cruise Line has rolled a new option in the main dining room for dinner on their cruise ships that have the Seafood Shack.

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The Seafood Tower for 2 has been added to the menu for dinner in the main dining room and comes at a cost of $60. It is currently available on Carnival Conquest, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Triumph, Carnival Valor, Carnival Victory, and Carnival Vista.

Photo of the Seafood Tower posted by Carnival Ambassador John Heald

The Seafood Tower will also be available on Carnival Panorama when the cruise ship debuts next year.

This new seafood option compliments other selections that are available in the main dining room for a surcharge.  They include:

  • Broiled Maine Lobster Tail
  • Surf & Turf (Maine lobster tail and grilled filet mignon)
  • 9 oz. Filet Mignon
  • 14 oz. New York Strip Loin Steak

There is a $20 surcharge for each of the above items.

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Carnival Cruise Line’s Ambassador John Heald made the announcement about the Seafood Tower on his Facebook page.

We’d love to hear from you. Would or do you pay extra for a certain entrée in the main dining room on a cruise? Let us know by leaving us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise Line Rolls Out $60 Seafood Entrée In Main Dining Room...


  1. Those of us who cruise a lot and have tried “all-inclusive” resorts find that they offer much less than the cruise lines for usually more money. We have been to a few of the nicer (read more expensive) resorts and find the food ordinary, reservations required for many venues (all except a buffet), entertainment pretty nonexistent, and “for-fee” services like gym or spa pushed worse than on some ships. We are Platinum on Carnival but have cruised other lines. All of the large lines are trying to keep base prices down by offering items paid by additional fees. Those services and items are buy or don’t buy, keeping cruising affordable for those who cruise on a budget. Choices!! I would wager that your favorite restaurants don’t serve prime beef and expensive seafood for the same price as your local Golden Corral Buffet. You just make your own choices on board. If an idea doesn’t fly, it will eventually go away.

  2. One of the comments I heard from several folks on my last cruise was that cruise lines are not being honest about their pricing. Many look at cruise ships as an alternative to all inclusive resorts. But more and more, there are hidden “gotchas”. There has always been the hidden issue of tipping and port charges but now it seems that items being advertised as attractions are actually upcharge opportunities. It’s starting to feel as if cruise lines are becoming like airlines — cheap fares to get you in the door where you are provided opportunities to enhance your trip. It’s getting pretty ridiculous. What’s next? Are they going to start with pay toilets, ala Ryanair? Or mandatory baggage fees to get your gear from the dock to your stateroom? Or more likely, upcharges for “premium entertainment”? It seems to me that this $60 fee is simply a charge to limit cruise line exposure and redirect behavior. It gives the cruise line bragging rights about having the seafood tower but limits their actual need to deliver it in quantity. For those who have paid for it and enjoyed it, that’s great. I’m happy for you.
    Looking at the comments above, it seems that it’s not broadly appreciated. Thus, it seems to me that consumers should start demanding honest, transparent pricing.

  3. My wife and I love Carnival, and just came off a 7 day cruise with them now they had lobster on our 2 dress up nights, no steak but prime Rib wasn’t bad. I do agree with people about this sea food tower no enough food on it for the price so I hope they change it thanks

  4. It’s way overpriced. It’s not even that much seafood. Bad idea it wont go over well. I cam pay $60 and have food to take home. Guess its tacos and burgers for me

  5. I agree with most other comments, one of the things I have always like about Carnival was that you could eat anything that you wanted. I have already noticed that the Sushi bar is no longer free. I wish I had known prior to paying for my trip this time. Don’t want to incur additional cost at this late date.

  6. We are platinum and there is no way we are going to pay this. Island all inclusives are starting to look better and better!

  7. This company is to blame for taking a quality product and turning it into a ………………Carnival. Surcharge for cotton candy coming soon

  8. No. Absolutely not. The beauty of cruising is the all inclusive. We don’t even eat at the specialty restaurants because we can eat at a restaurant at home.

    • The trick is EVERYBODY has to NOT BUY IT-by banding together they will get the message but if ONE person buys it-it’s going to STAY PUT! JUST SAY NO!/NON!/NYET!

  9. Gready idea, it is NOT worth it, I saw nothing special on that plattplatter. this is vacation and all food should be included in the cruise price. I might as well had them my wallet at the entrance and let them take how much money they want from it. You are trying to take away all the fun from cruising.

  10. Absolutely not. Cruises are pricey enough and I think it sucks that they are trying to get more money out of their customers. Been on 10 cruises and when we started cruising, surf and turf were standard fare in the main dining room. Will be avoiding Carnival cruises.

    • Except for the exclusive “all inclusive” very expensive cruise lines, ALL the other companies upcharge now for surf and turf. And Lobster Night is off the menu unless you want to pay an additional $24.99 per person…

  11. I think, the sales department and the food department have to change, one more thing I don’t understand how the marketing support this promotion?

  12. Never!!! We pay enough for a cruise that we should have excellent food served in the main dinning room. The costs of excursions and drinks have more than doubled since we first started cruising in 2003.

  13. Not only no but HELL NO!!!!

    I remember the days when almost every cruise had at least one night that lobster tail was one of the options for the main course…at no extra charge. I guess when guest were ordering 5+ lobster tails each (?guilty) it became expensive for the cruise line. But instead of getting rid of that option all together why not just limit it to 2 or even 1 per guest if the billionaires that own these boats don’t want to put up the dough for the extra lobster….

    • Corporations run the fleet the only billionaires are branso just getting into cruise balance. ala Virgin cruises and viking river ocean cruises (all inclisivreals wine and tours flights)

  14. No way! It doesn’t look like there is anything that special on it. You get lobster for free one night. Shrimp are served numerous times and oysters are just okay in my opinion. Not worth it..

  15. No… I love seafood and the more the better but $60. on top of what I already paid in the price of the cruise! Are you kidding me. NO!!! I would not.

  16. No I would not be interested, there are plenty of choices available already. We cruise every year and find what they offer is sufficient.

  17. I ordered the surf and turf for an up charge of $20 on our Alaskan cruise. It was good but I had a hard time paying extra since we paid quite a bit for the cruise. I was surprised there was a charge but really looking forward to the surf and turf. Don’t know if I would do it again.

  18. Not surprised. Remember when casinos offered at cost buffets to attract gambling customers? Not anymore. Cruise ships clearly feel they have a product (I dont know what it would be)…substandard room, gross overcharging for drinks, with or without alcohol, now they violated the last valid perk associated with a cruise. Let them know how you feel, vote with your feet.

  19. I certainly will not pay extra in the main dining room and do not think that it should even be an option in there. Isn’t that why they started opening all those “specialty” restaurants anyway? The constant “pay extra for better” is starting to really upset me on cruises. I’ve been re-thinking what my vacation of choice is recently because of that.

  20. No I haven’t nor will I ever pay the additional cost, I think they should add $5 bucks to everyone’s ticket price and order what you want.

  21. I don’t see why carnival and all the cruise lines don’t just give you a state room and charge you for everything else.maid service, linen, water for the shower, electricity, all meals, and charge for all entertainment. After all that’s were we are headed with pricing.

  22. $30-maybe, $60- no. The lobster tail is the size of your thumb and the crab legs have very little meat unlike the claws. Same reason I didn’t pay the $20- extra while I was on a Carnival cruise two weeks ago, just not worth it.

  23. No way!!! It’s bad enough you get nickel and dime to death on Carnival. Coffees, drinks, WATER!!! On Viking you pay a little more up front and get excellent service and FREE wine with lunch and dinner!!!!

  24. Would never do that, used to be in the cost of the cruise. Thinking about going to different cruise line because of all of this. Been on a lot if cruises and all on car ival but that might be coming to an end

  25. NO, would not pay for seafood tower. There are restaurants there that guest pays. Too many “paying items” would not make me happy.

  26. Nope. Just got off the Freedom a couple weeks ago and watched day after day of hardly anyone paying for seafood at the new Seafood Shack. Prices were crazy and those that did try it said it’s not worth it.
    Wrong direction Carnival – again.

  27. $60 per person or for two, still a waste of money for what looks like a few shrimp, clams, and a $9.95 lobster tail, Carnival customers would never pay that or would QE2 customers.

  28. No way, it is an extortion to your clients, it is enough with the specialized restaurants that are optional, I do not agree for anything!

  29. Absolutely not! We’re already paying top dollar for a cruise that’s supposed to be all inclusive including food. Why would it pay an outrageous amount for what I can already get included in the price?

  30. No, it is sad how the seafood served in the middle of the ocean is so “not fresh”. I had mushy previously frozen shrimp, and a sad little lobster tail in the main dining room. Save your $$ for a nice meal on shore.

  31. No I would not pay a surcharge to get the seafood tower. Are you saying that your not going to have lobster in the dining room unless you pay $20.00 surcharge? Or is this a separate addition?

  32. I would not pay extra for the food items that have a surcharge in the. Steak, lobster tails. I’ve been on other cruise lines that don’t charge extra for those. They have one night that they serve that usually on the formal night. Hate when cruise lines nickel and dime their guests. We save all year to have a nice vacation and then get charged more for food that should be part of the luxury of cruising.

  33. NO !! I will not pay extra for food in the Main Dining Room. Also, I do not frequent specialty restaurants on board ship that charge extra. Cruise lines are adding so many “extra” charges that “oldies” like us are cutting back on cruising. We have been cruising for 27 years and have seen many changes.

    • I would not pay extra for any options in the dining room. I was not aware they had started charging extra for the normal entrees, either. Lido deck here we come!

  34. Agreed this is a stepping stone to offering crappy food as a free option and the good stuff locked behind a pay wall. Lower the cruise fare and maybe.

  35. I have been on 45 week or longer cruises and NO WAY WILL I BOOK ANY MORE if they are going to put a price on items we got before.

    Will just stay on land and travel now.

  36. Absolutely not. In fact I would think twice about even booking those ships. I am traditional, all inclusive means just that. Don’t nickel and dime onboard.

  37. I would pay $60 at a Seafood Restaurant, but not on a cruise ship where the food is free. Perhaps if the price was lowered to $40-$45, I would consider ordering it.

  38. No I will not pay additional money to eat in the dining room that I already pay for,that is a rip off,so happy I dont eat some of those sea food.

  39. I would not pay for anything in main dinning room.. Past cruises offer surf and turf one formal night as part of the inclusive menue. I believe you are ruining the criise experience

  40. The option should also be available on the carnival pride, my wife and I enjoy taking it because we don’t have to fly a 45 minute drive and we just hop on the ship. Yes I would pay it because my wife only eats seafood and fish no meats.

  41. What a joke!..
    The steak and lobster dinner was part of the special elegant night.
    A night to look forward to, get dressed fancy and have a gourmet meal.
    Pay for steak and lobster..?? Nonsense
    Go on a different cruise line
    You get what you pay for with Carnival=nothing

  42. No absolutely not! As consumers, at some point we must decline these ridiculous upcharges! I agree with Sandra. We’re already paying enough! Smh!

  43. No I wouldn’t pay anything additional for food in the main dining room. Cruises used to be a good value, I think you can do better in value these days. They are building bigger and bigger ships and including less and less, it won’t be long before they can’t fill these ships. Not the best business model.

  44. I definitely WOULD NOT pay $60 extra for some seafood dinner that is probably not fresh caught anyway. What a rip off.

  45. No! There was a time it was included! The food in the original dining rooms was amazing! Now, 60 dollars to eat better of the same is a disgrace. It is like taking me to their private island and then charging me for a raft. It’s unconscionable

  46. I would be willing to pay the extra $60 for it as long as it is all you can eat the same way it is with the other food in the main dining room if that’s just for one serving I would have to say no not worth it

  47. Lousy idea.
    I makes an up to now egalitarian, one class dining room
    In to an TWO CLASS event.
    TERRIBLE !!!

  48. A friend and I just returned from a 5 day Carnival Cruise in Conquest. This was my 8th Carnival cruise and have never sailed with any other cruiselines. I was very disappointed this cruise with the changes that Carnival has made. Surcharges everywhere! Everything that made Carnival so special, now cost extra! The service has declined dramatically! I am soooo disappointed! Elegant night, we used to have a choice of the filet mignon, or the lobster tail. No more, cost $20! But you have the option to have it every night now, as long as you pay that $20. every night! That was my biggest disappointment. Also, there didnt seem like there was as much entertainment as in the past on other ships! Another big disappointment. I already have another cruise booked for next year, and if not for many other family members goi g with that are also already booked. I would cancel and go to another cruiseline!

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