Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise Line Makes Three New Changes/Updates

Carnival Cruise Line Makes Three New Changes/Updates

Carnival Cruise Line has made three new changes and updates recently. Among these new changes are to help speed up embarkation and debarkation on their cruise ships.  These new changes were announced by Carnival’s Brand Ambassador John Heald.
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In an effort to help speed up embarkation, Carnival has changed the way they handle the health questionnaire that every cruiser has to fill out before they board a cruise ship.  The cruise line has switched to a fast, rapid system done on a tablet, eliminating the paper form that cruisers have filled out for years.

This new system is being tested on select Carnival cruise ships.  How will you know if your cruise ship is one of the ones testing this new process?  If your health form is not online when you print your boarding passes, then it will be done electronically at embarkation.

The new electronic health form should help speed up the boarding process and get you on the ship faster.  However, that isn’t the only new change being made by Carnival Cruise Line.

Lets be honest for a minute, debarkation is by far the worst part of a cruise.  There is nothing like enjoying ship life one minute, and then the next standing in line for customs that feels like you’re at the DMV.

To help with this, Carnival is also trying a new debarkation system.  This new system is being tested on all of their cruise ships and according to Heald, it appears to be working.

What exactly did Carnival change?  Heald didn’t say. Cruise Fever reached out to Carnival Cruise Line and asked about specifics of this new debarkation system.  We have yet to hear back at the time of press and will update this article when we do.

However, if this new system makes debarkation smoother and less painful, that’s all that really matters.

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The third change from Carnival Cruise Line is an updated Hub App.  Within the next few weeks, new updates will be added to the app that will greatly improve each passenger’s experience onboard Carnival cruise ships.

The Hub App has been wildly popular since Carnival first introduced it over a year ago.

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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise Line Makes Three New Changes/Updates


  1. Worst debarkation ever! Just got off Dream on sunday and I should have just been down there at 7am with my luggage to get off versus waiting on my deck to be called. When we finally were called about 8:10 we waited about 15 minutes for a elevator then when we went to get off on deck 3 like the instructions said we were told to go back to deck 4 to get off and then you had to go around to another elevator to get to 3. Made no sense but explains why it was so hard to get an elevator. Then while we were trying to get off others in line didn’t have luggage and were getting off and getting their luggage from the pick up room and were leaving out quicker than us. So self assist was useless to use.

  2. We too kind our whole family of 20 on a Carnival cruise out of New Orleans. We had 5 staterooms all with balconies. I go the FTTF – Fast to the Fun passes on each stateroom. Boarding was super easy and our rooms were ready and luggage in our rooms. They were all ready to explore the ship. Then the embarkation was a breeze and we were off the ship and in our cars in 30 minutes. We did take our own luggage. But all so easy. Our family had a fabulous time. Plenty to do for all ages – grandkids were 20 to 5.

  3. We also waited for three hrs to get off. The safety stuff needs work when there for over an hour waiting for people who can’t listen an do as they are told to make it smoother. Staff was very pleasant and loved the shows can’t wait to sail again.

  4. I was on Paradise 4/19/18 with relatively fast embarkation. The debarkation needs to be redesigned. I have pictures of seniors being led down stairs in a procession hauling their suitcases because that was the process to get off the ship. That’s just a horrible domino effect accident looking for a place to happen. I thought things couldn’t get worse but customs in Tampa was ridiculous. We were the 1st of 2 ships arriving on 4/23 and there were only 2 agents working in the inspection lines. I understand the safety aspect but only 2 agents seemed purposely annoying. We can do better than that.

  5. I hate there new policy on room service. we pay for the luxury of having it available anytime however now we are limited to a time schedule that sucks it almost make me want to try a new cruise line.

  6. Just got bk 1 week not its was ok not great to me the, Wi-Fi package is ridiculous, food was garbage and dembarkment was disgusting

  7. If they would change the safety training/briefing that would be wonderful. You should be able to watch the briefing in your cabin and then sign a document that says you understand it.

  8. Been on 6 cruises with Carnival. The very first one out of Charleston SC. It was the easiest on and off experience. The rest out of Florida and they got progressively worse each year. Disorganized boarding arrival. Very long wait times and, very hot no personal water allowed and none provided. Got very thirsty waiting 3 hours to board. Customs personnel very slow and not all lanes staffed. The whole process was a vacation downer. Last 2 years have skipped cruising abd feel like we are getting a better value for our money.

  9. They need to FIX the cigarette smell throughout the ship. A good idea, would be to make one of their many ships non-smoking for all of those passengers with Asthma or the ones who simply cannot tolerate the smell

  10. Cruised with Carnival a month ago and had a great time. My only issue was internet access which did not work at all. Loved the port of calls!!!

  11. Cruised with Carnival earlier this month. Was absolutely not impressed with the new debarkation method. I saw absolutely no time saving for most people. In fact, for most anyone carrying off their own luggage, it took much longer to get off than with the old system.

  12. Having recently cruised with Carnival, I thought the embarkation process went extremely well. Sign and sail cards at your room made the entire process an express effort.
    Debarkation was fairly quick as well. Both experiences were great

    • I agree with Ray, I was on the Horizon on 4/15. Smoothest demarcation process ever. I don’t know what they are doing different, but there was no congestion at the elevators, and maybe 0-15 expletive in front of me to get off of the ship at 830 am-ish.

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