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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise LineCarnival's Statement Regarding Cruises to Cuba

Carnival’s Statement Regarding Cruises to Cuba

Carnival Cruise Line posted a statement to travel agents on Monday, May 6 regarding cruises to Cuba and the Helms Burton lawsuit that was filed last week.

The statement from Carnival is as follows:

“Our cruises to Cuba are continuing as scheduled as part of our regular itineraries. We also want to share today’s statement from the Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA). Said CLIA: “Cruising to Cuba falls under the ‘lawful travel exemption’ under Title III of the Helms Burton Act. Our member cruise lines have been and are now engaged in lawful travel to Cuba as expressly authorized by the United States federal government.”

As background, CLIA added: “Cruises to Cuba have delivered important social and cultural exchange between the people of the United States and the people of Cuba. They have also provided much-needed entrepreneurial opportunities that provide important economic benefit directly to the Cuban people.

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We will continue to closely monitor this issue and keep you informed of any relevant developments.”

The statement was issued due to the Helms-Burton lawsuits that were filed last week. The lawsuits claimed Carnival was using ports in Cuba that were confiscated by the Cuban government.

Javier Garcia-Bengochea and Havana Docks Corp. filed the lawsuits claiming the docks belonged to them and they were not receiving compensation.

While several different cruise lines use these docks, the lawsuits were filed against Carnival since they were the first cruise line to use them.

However at this time, all Carnival cruises to Cuba remain as scheduled.

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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise LineCarnival's Statement Regarding Cruises to Cuba
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