Cruise TipsBenefits of Short Cruises to the Bahamas

Benefits of Short Cruises to the Bahamas

When the cruise bug bites, it often hits travelers in the Bahamas, an easy place to try out exploring the world by ship. It usually does not take long for travelers to realize the benefits of short cruises to the Bahamas. Just one 3- or 4-day sailing offered by a number of cruise lines will do the trick.

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majesty of the seas

Easily Defined Value
Experienced travelers who may have initially passed on the idea of a cruise are often attracted by the value they represent. If travel is a goal, travelers find out rather quickly that cruises stack up quite nicely to their land-based counterparts.

Sample Before Buying
A bit of a double-edge sword, cruises stop for a day or maybe overnight in any given port before moving along on an itinerary. Travelers who prefer to linger at destinations for days still enjoy the benefits of short cruises, sampling those place for a day. Flying to Nassau, taking a look around, staying a few hours then flying back is just really not a good option.

Cruise Life Defined
First-time cruise travelers are often already taking a leap of faith just booking a cruise in the first place. Colorful brochures and online resources do a variable job of describing what sailing is like. Some things we just have to experience for ourselves to know “is this for me?” Short cruises to the Bahamas define what it is like to be on a cruise quite nicely.

Change of Scenery
There is something to be said for travel of any sort. Exploring the planet aside, cruise travelers know just being on a ship can bring a new perspective if not energize us in our life on land. The net effect is about the same as a longer sailing, just condensed.

I remember after our first family cruise there were two realizations. It was the best vacation we had ever been on and the only regret was it did not last longer. We canʼt say that about all travel situations.

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Cruise TipsBenefits of Short Cruises to the Bahamas

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