Cruise TipsAvoiding Spa Faux Pas When Cruising

Avoiding Spa Faux Pas When Cruising

The use of hot and cold water springs to cure illness and improve health dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. The original spas were quite different from those we can enjoy today, which are luxurious and offer additional treatments for to leave clients relaxed in mind, body and soul. On Celebrity Silhouette cruises, the spa area is located on the Resort Deck. AquaSpa, is a tranquil zone providing treatments for male and female passengers to enjoy. However, if you haven’t ever been to a spa before, you might be worried about making some faux pas. In order to avoid embarrassing mistakes read on for our top tips on spa etiquette.

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Punctual is Polite – If you want to use the Celebrity Silhouette AquaSpa during your cruise, book your treatments in advance as there are a limited number of appointments available on each voyage. However, once you have that all important booking, be sure to turn up on time. Although you don’t want to spend your spend your hard-earned break clock-watching, being punctual is polite and respectful towards the therapist and other passengers.

A good idea is to book and alarm-call around an hour before you are due at your appointment which should give you ample time to get there! At the AquaSpa, therapists ask that you arrive fifteen minutes before your session starts; to give you time to absorb the tranquil atmosphere and prepare to be indulged.

Shower before You Spa – It is considered good manners to shower before you go to the AquaSpa, whether you are planning on having a treatment, or just want to relax in the Jacuzzi. Your skin creams, perfumes and perspiration may not bother you, but can make the spa experience unpleasant for other occupants. Be considerate and hop under the shower after working out in the Fitness Centre, sessions in sauna etc.

Don’t Hog the Equipment – The AquaSpa Fitness Centre features an excellent selection of state of the art exercise machinery, alongside a number of classes run by trained instructors. If pumping iron or jumping on the treadmill and running a few miles appeals, you’ll find all the facilities that you need but these are limited and at times they will get busy so be ready to limit your workout if others are waiting. Don’t forget to take along a towel to wipe away any perspiration from the machinery and your skin – this will be much appreciated by the person who is next in line!

Technology is a No-No – The ambience of the AquaSpa is very welcoming and is a place where you can forget the stresses and strains of everyday life and be pampered. Mobile phones ringing and iPods on high volume can ruin that chilled vibe in seconds, so switch of your mobile device or leave it in a secure place. If you want to listen to music, keep it at a low volume so that it doesn’t disturb others.

Nerves about Nudity – One big question which comes up for many people who are planning on their first visit to the spa is whether they will have to be naked at any point during their treatment. To set your mind at rest, it is good to remember that all therapists at the AquaSpa are trained professionals who will do their best to make sure you feel comfortable.

Some treatments will require you to wear disposable paper underwear which will protect your modesty – although not very fashionably! For other treatments, you can opt to wear a bikini or swimsuit if you do not feel up to revealing all.

Written on behalf of Rebecca Middleton reporting on travel and cruises.

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Cruise TipsAvoiding Spa Faux Pas When Cruising

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