Cruise Tips7 Tips for Taking Photos on Your Cruise

7 Tips for Taking Photos on Your Cruise

Eternally popular topics related to travel by ship include packing, planning, destination information and what to wear for dinner. Photography is a topic that comes up naturally when a great big thing like a cruise ship is in town.

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Point-and-shoot cameras help make things easy as do the cell phones of today. Still, of particular importance to cruise travelers, these seven tips for talking photos on your cruise ship or off.

1. Your Phone Is Fine- ​Using the camera of just about any cell phone in operation today can send us home with a rich library of memories to share. If it works. Restart that phone frequently throughout the cruise. More than you would at home. That brings an operating system that is working in top form, processing what it sees faster.

2. Your Camera Might Be Better- ​Depending on the capabilities of your actual camera (device that does not make phone calls), it might open the door to a wider range of photo opportunities. It might not though if you do not know what to do with your camera other than point it at something and push the button.

3. Watch Ship Photographers- ​These are trained crew stationed in high-traffic areas of the ship or where special events are happening. Often, they are set up with backdrops in place, creating a controlled shooting environment just about anywhere. Watch and learn as these professionals talk and work with their subjects. There are sure to be tips here.

4. Go Another Direction- ​If you want the postcard view of a place or thing, consider what everyone is taking a photo of at any given time. Now shoot in some other direction. I usually start in the exact opposite direction everyone else is shooting. You can buy a postcard later.

5. Batteries!- ​Not having enough battery power is one of the most common photo fails experienced by those on a cruise. When buying batteries, make them the most powerful available. The less expensive ones are probably not going to last long as you travel or have a very long and happy life.

6. Be Realistic-​ That amazing photo of a cheetah running through a field, just about to catch their prey took a professional photographer a week of hard work to capture. You will be in port 3 hours. Do the math.

7. Know When Not To Shoot- ​There are moments in travel when we just need to set the camera down and enjoy the scene with our eyes. So what if you won’t have a photo to share with someone. Do this for you.

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Chris Owen
Chris Owen
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Cruise Tips7 Tips for Taking Photos on Your Cruise

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