Cruise Tips7 Things Every Carnival Cruiser Should Do

7 Things Every Carnival Cruiser Should Do

Carnival Cruise Line is the most popular cruise line in the world with 26 cruise ships. With millions of passengers stepping foot on Carnival’s Fun Ships each year, here are a list of things that they should do top have the best possible cruise.

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Download Hub App – Carnival’s Hub App will let you know everything that is going on around the cruise ship from the palm of your hand. The app is completely free but you’ll need to download it BEFORE you leave for your cruise.  While it’s free to connect the app to the ship’s WiFi to get the latest cruise information, you’ll need an internet package to download the app once the ship sets sail.  Download it before you leave for your cruise and you’ll be all set.

Book Using Early Saver – Carnival’s Early Saver program offers the best perk of any cruise fare offered by cruise lines. Pretty much every cruise fare lets you take advantage of price drops up until your final payment date. What makes Early Saver so special? With Early Saver, you can receive credit if the price of your cruise drops up until just a few days before your cruise.  Here is how it works.

Let’s say you paid $499 per person for your cruise.  If you booked the Early Saver fare and the price drops to $449 per person after book, you can move to the lower rate.  If the final payment date has already past, you will receive onboard credit to use on your cruise for the difference in price.  Carnival cruisers should always book the Early Saver rate if it is available. There is no limit to the amount of price drops you can claim.  Book this rate and you’ll know you’re paying the rock bottom price on your cruise. How to Check for Price Drops

Purchase Faster to the Fun – No one wants to spend their cruise waiting in lines.  Carnival Cruise Line’s Faster to the Fun program gives you special perks for a small one time fee. Yes, purchase FTTF and you can kiss lines goodbye.

This perk is so popular, it sells out months in advance. If you want to purchase FTTF, you shouldn’t wait or you’ll be left out. You can read exactly why you should purchase Faster to the Fun here.

Purchase Photo Packages – Carnival Cruise Line introduced photo packages about a month ago. Just this past week, the cruise line modified the packages with lower pricing and more options.

There is no better way to remember your cruise than by bringing home the amazing photos Carnival’s photographers take. Packages range from $99 for a handful of photos to $249 for as many photos as you can get. For what you get, the price is really a steal. You can read more about Carnival’s photo packages here.

Choose a Boarding Time – As soon as they check-in for your cruise, Carnival cruisers should immediately choose a boarding time.  The earlier they check-in, the most options they will have.  This allows them to choose a boarding time that best corresponds with their schedule.

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Drink Packages – Purchasing a drink package will save you from having a ridiculous cruise bill by the end of your vacation. Purchasing CHEERS! before your cruise will save you $5 per day.

Take Advantage of Pre-Cruise Discounts – It’s not just the CHEERS! package where you save by pre-purchasing it before you leave home.  Carnival offers other discounts as well.  Are you going to purchase WiFi on your cruise?  (Hint: It costs more on the ship.) Visit the Carnival Fun Shop on and take advantage these discounts by pre-purchasing as many things as possible before your cruise.

After all, extra money is better off in your pocket than the cruise lines.

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Cruise Tips7 Things Every Carnival Cruiser Should Do


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