Opinion5 Reasons to Book a Cruise on Carnival Cruise Line

5 Reasons to Book a Cruise on Carnival Cruise Line

Fans of Carnival Cruise Line will argue that there are far more than five reasons to book a Carnival cruise. But what about a traveler who has never been on any cruise line before?

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They don’t know why Carnival is known as ‘the world’s most popular cruise line’. Just that it is. While each traveler locks in on parts of the experience that resonate with them, some reasons are universal and apply to everyone.

Guaranteed Low Price -​ Book a Carnival cruise using their unique Early Saver fare and the cruise line guarantees your price to be lowest. That’s at the time of booking and (this is the important part) throughout the life of the booking. Should the cruise line offer a better price later, travelers booking the Early Saver fare can get the difference in onboard credit. It’s not automatic, but an online form makes taking advantage of any better deal that might come along.

Guaranteed Fun– ​Unique to Carnival Cruise Line, the Fun is assured with Carnival’s Great Vacation Guarantee. It’s simple really. Should you change your mind about being on the cruise within 24 hours of leaving the port of embarkation, onboard guest services will arrange complimentary transportation back home. Let’s say Carnival turned out to not be a good fit. No hard feelings, the unique program also gives back 110% of the cruise fare. Book again within one year and get a $100 per stateroom onboard credit too.

Guy Fieri – ​ Nearly every ship sailing, regardless of the cruise line, has a top deck dining venue of some sort that grills burgers at lunch time. But no one has Guy Fieri and Guy’s Burger Joint. Appropriately rolled out as part of Carnival’s Funship 2.0 initiative, Guy’s Burger Joint has travelers lining up through lunch and well into the afternoon.

Speaking of five reasons to book a cruise on Carnival Cruise Line, there are also five choices of ‘Guy burgers’ as they have come to be called. The influence of chef Fieri extends to Guy’s Pig & Anchor Barbecue, a complimentary venue on embarkation day and days at sea.

Production Shows-​ Also rolled out as part of Carnival’s Funship 2.0 upgrade: shows Carnival cruise travelers will actually enjoy. Playlist Productions has created programming that is attracting seasoned cruise travelers, those who had nearly given up on the topic of onboard entertainment.

Showtimes are short, allowing passengers to easily see a show and not have to rush through or to dinner. Family-friendly, Carnival production shows ​take tunes you know and makes them into full-blown musical productions featuring singers and dancers whow commonly bring down the house.

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You Define The Fun – ​Sure, ‘fun’ is their middle name, but this is more than that. The Funships of Carnival bring a travel unique experience which is surprisingly customizable for each individual traveler. This is not a matter of​ ‘here is what we do, enjoy or just don’t come back.

Options are part of the deal on everything from when travelers have dinner to when they want their cabin cleaned. If this is your first cruise, know this: not all cruise lines bring that level of flexibility. That Carnival offers this flexibility is important for the first cruise but even more important downstream as past guest benefits kick in.

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Opinion5 Reasons to Book a Cruise on Carnival Cruise Line


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