Opinion10 Things Cruisers Post on Facebook

10 Things Cruisers Post on Facebook

How do you know if you are addicted to cruising?  You probably post the following 10 things on Facebook.

1. Cruise countdowns – It doesn’t matter if you are 365 days away from your cruise or if you embark the following morning, a cruiser posts how many days they have left to their next cruise on Facebook.  Why? Because having an upcoming cruise planned is exciting and you want everyone to know about it.

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2. Photos of past cruises – It doesn’t matter if it was a cruise you took 10 years ago or one month ago, posting your old cruise photos on Facebook helps you relive the good times you had on board.

3. Post in cruise groups – Groups dedicated to cruising have exploded in popularity on Facebook over the past two years. With the largest group having over 60,000 members, there are groups for every cruise line, several for the most popular lines (Carnival, Royal Caribbean).  Even Cruise Fever has our own group for our readers to talk about cruising. Groups are also slowing taking the place of roll calls on cruise websites.

4. Questions about ports they are visiting – Since you visit several different ports on each cruise, cruisers are always asking questions about the different things to do in each port.  They also enjoy posting about the different things that they did do in each port.

5. Selfies with cruise ship behind them – When you take a selfie in port, you always  make sure that your ship in the background.  Why? Because you want your friends to know that you are on a cruise and not staying at a resort.

6. Videos of pier runners – It never fails, some passengers loose track of time when in port and have to run the pier so they don’t get left behind.

7. Photos of towel animals – Coming back from dinner and finding a towel animal on your bed will always put a smile on your face.  What’s the first thing that you do?  You take out your camera and take a picture.

8. First sight of the ship – The moment you first lay eyes on the cruise ship that you are about to embark on, you post a photo of it on Facebook.  Why?  Because you have been patiently counting down the days for that moment. It’s YOUR turn!

9. Cruise food – Be honest, how many photos of your dinner plates do you have from your last cruise? What is the most photographed cruise food? It would have to be lobster on formal night, a Guy’s burger, pizza from Alfredo’s, and Carnival’s famous chocolate melting cake.

10. Cruise articles – From cruise news to cruise tips, cruisers love to share cruise articles (including this one) on Facebook.  People tend to post on Facebook what they are passionate about.  You want nothing more than for all of your family and friends to discover the same reasons why you fell in love with taking a cruise.

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
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Opinion10 Things Cruisers Post on Facebook

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