Videos10 Worst Cabins on Cruises: How to Avoid Bad Staterooms

10 Worst Cabins on Cruises: How to Avoid Bad Staterooms

Not all cabins on cruise ships are created equal.  Cruise lines offer a wide variety of stateroom options for you to choose from and how can you know if the cabin that you booked is a good one?

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Even when it comes to balcony staterooms, some are more desirable than others. The same is true for oceanview and inside staterooms that come with no view at all.  In order for you to have the best possible cruise experience, there are some cabins on cruise ships that you should stay away from.

Cruise Fever put together the following short four minute video on the 10 worst cruise cabins on a ship.  From obstructed view to staterooms that tend to be noisier due to their location, see which cruise cabins offer a cruise experience that can often be subpar.

Watch Video: 10 Worst Cabins on Cruises

Even though some of these cruise cabins are less desirable than others, we’d gladly stay in any of them if it meant we were going on a cruise.  After all, a subpar cabin on a cruise is better than a day at home or at work.

How you can avoid some of these undesirable cabin locations?  One, use a good travel agent.  Good travel agents know the ins and outs of cruise ships and their knowledge comes at no extra cost. It’s a win win for everyone involved.

Two, book your cruises as early as possible.  When you book a cruise early, you have a wider selection of cabins that you can choose from. When you book a cruise at the last minute, most if not all of the good cabin locations are already taken.

Book early and use a travel agent and avoid these 10 worst cabins on cruise ships.

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Ben Souza
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Videos10 Worst Cabins on Cruises: How to Avoid Bad Staterooms


  1. the smaller “K” inside cabins on Holland America do not have a sofa. just a desk chair to sit in or you have to sit on the bed. we had a guarantee cabin through a casino offer and I can’t complain due to the very generous offer, but wanted to point it out.

  2. I went November 2018 with Norwegian Spirit. At time of booking my agent said my interior cabin category was on deck 4 forward, which I was perfectly happy with. The I found out I was given an upgrade which put me right above the theatre stage. I called Norwegian and said I don’t want your upgrade but they said since it was a guaranteed cabin they could put me anywhere. True enough I could hear and feel the shows’ thumping beat. Not only that, the daycare was directly above my cabin too, so I could hear and feel the little beasties running and jumping to their little hearts’ content.

  3. On Carnival large ships, there is a lanai, a walkway around the ship on deck 5. We had a balcony on deck 6, and when using the balcony, morning walkers would wave or sometimes even stop to talk, and the hot tubs which extend out from the lanai were usually filled with noisy people. My ex-Navy husband always likes to look down at the water and watch for passing ships or stars at night, but all he could see was a lighted wallway.

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