Videos10 Unbelievable Cruise Moments Caught on Video

10 Unbelievable Cruise Moments Caught on Video

Sometimes you get lucky, you just happen to be in the right spot at the right time.  Here is a collection of videos that were filmed on a cruise ship at the right time. While some are funny and others show the danger that mother nature can bring while at sea, we hope you enjoy this collection of videos as much as we did.

Ever wonder what happens when a cruise ship hits extremely rough seas?  Here is an unbelievable video of the inside of the Pacific Sun that shows passengers, tables, & chairs sliding uncontrollably back and forth from the port and starboard sides of the ship.

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What happens when you wake up in bad weather and look outside and see a waterspout off of the port side of the ship?  You pull out your camera and start filming as this one passenger did.  It was a beautiful waterspout with some nice lightning in the background.

Ever wonder what happens when a ship loses an engine in rough seas?  Check out what happeneds when the Cleila II, an Antarctic cruise ship, get slammed by giant waves with 160 passengers onboard with winds of 55 mph.

They always tell you several times what time to be back on the ship when you are in port.  While I have seen many passengers running on the pier barely making it back on in time, I have never seen a man running the pier pushing a baby stroller trying to get back on the ship.  Good news is, he made it and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

We love pulling out of port and seeing one or a pod of dolphins swimming alongside the ship.  Passengers who were on a cruise to Alaska shot this amazing video on the last day of their cruise.

Did you know that a Princess cruise ship has a wave pool?  Ok, well maybe that will just be on the Quantum of the Seas for now but this Princess ship had one for a night when the weather got a little rough.

Wait for it…Wait for it… The combination of walking in stiletto heels and a tight dress while being on a cruise ship might make walking on stage a bit difficult.  Good news is that she was not hurt. (You can skip to the 35 second mark)

A funny video of a flash mob dancing behind people on a cruise ship.  Probably one of the funniest cruise ship videos we have ever seen.

Another video from Mediocre Films showing a man dancing behind cruise passengers.  We got such a laugh out of the first one, we just had to post another one of their videos.

When you take a cruise, most want to go to a tropical paradise.  However, passengers on the Celebrity Infinity broke out in a snowball fight on the lido deck after it began to snow.

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Ben Souza
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Videos10 Unbelievable Cruise Moments Caught on Video

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