Cruise News Celebrity Cruise Lines Agrees to Buy Maine Lobster While in Port

Celebrity Cruise Lines Agrees to Buy Maine Lobster While in Port

maine cruise lobstersThere has been a lot of controversy over cruise ships in Maine as of late.  With opponents of the cruise industry trying to ban cruise ships from Maine’s ports, there has been a recent push from the political front to take advantage of all of that extra tourism the cruise industry provides.

Celebrity cruises has agreed to buy at least 2 tons of lobster when one of its ships visits Bar Harbor and Portland, Maine this fall.

U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree had written to Celebrity and other cruise lines as well urging them to buy local Maine lobster during their stops in the state.    Pingree has also heard from some other cruise lines that have been interested in buying some of the lobster.

“Getting these cruise ship companies to buy lobster when they are in port is good for lobstermen and makes sure that more passengers get to sample the best lobster in the world,” Pingree said in a statement.

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Earlier this month, the Holland America cruise line agreed to buy locally caught lobsters for its ships when they visit Bar Harbor, Maine as well.

But before you think that cruise lines are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts…  there is a reason for this push to sell more lobster.

The harvest of lobsters this year in Maine has been above average and lobsters are being purchased at very low prices due to an oversupply.  This has been a win for both the local Maine fishermen and the cruise industry, especially considering that Maine is famous for its lobster and cruise passengers should benefit the most from getting to eat this delicious entrée.

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Cruise News Celebrity Cruise Lines Agrees to Buy Maine Lobster While in Port

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