MiscellaneousCruise Ship Hotels You Have to See to Believe

Cruise Ship Hotels You Have to See to Believe

For the times when you can’t take a cruise, here are the perfect hotels for cruise lovers.

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The Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht, designed as a cruise ship on a cliff, opened in 2002 and is located in Jeongdongjin, South Korea.  This 211 room hotel that overlooks the beach and Sea of Japan is 541 feet long and 148 feet tall. This cruise ship on land also has apartments for rent, perfect for those that want to “live on a cruise ship”.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Hotel Titanic Beach Resort is located on the Mediterranean Sea in Antalya, Turkey.  This luxury 5 star hotel is designed after a cruise ship and named after the RMS Titanic. A room runs roughly $400 a night in high season and can be found for around $250 in the off season. (Photo credit: Booking.com)

Is that a cruise ship on top of several tall buildings?  Yes, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore opened in 2011 and is the most expensive hotel ever built at nearly $5 billion. This luxury hotel offers breathtaking views including an infinity pool that blows away every other one I’ve ever seen.  Rooms runs between $300 -$500 per night.  (Photo credit: Worldfortravel.com)

The Queen Mary hotel located in Long Beach, California will give you a glimpse of what transatlantic travel was like during the 1930’s to 1950’s. Each stateroom has its own personality on this world-class ocean liner turned hotel.  Rooms can be found as low as $149 per night.  (Photo credit: thejetpacker.com)

The Queen Elizabeth Elite Suite Hotel & Spa is located in Turkey and designed after a cruise ship. Rooms can be found starting at $197 per night.  (Photo credit: dhr.com)

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MiscellaneousCruise Ship Hotels You Have to See to Believe

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