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87 Year Old Woman Spends $14,000 a Month to Live on a Cruise Ship

Do you dread having to get off the cruise ship at the end of your cruise?  Eighty-seven year old Lee Wachtstetter doesn’t have to worry about disembarkation day because for the last eight years, she has lived on a cruise ship. USA TODAY recently reported about this real story fairy-tale that would be a dream for many of our readers.
Lee Wachtstetter was married to her husband for 50 years and during their time together, they had taken a whopping 89 cruises. Having worked in the financial sector his entire life, he did well financially and died of cancer in 1997.  The day before he passed, he told his wife “Don’t stop cruising”.

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After several years of struggling to take care of their home, she sold everything she owned and moved onto a cruise ship.  Her home for the past eight years is Crystal Serenity, a luxury 1,000 passenger cruise ship.

During her time living on the ship, she has completed more than 400 cruises including an incredible 15 world cruises.  Since she has visited many of the ports around the world multiple times, she rarely gets off the ship.  She stays on and enjoys the quiet ship to herself.

Lee Wachtstetter isn’t the only passenger living on the luxurious cruise ship.  Since she has “moved” onto the ship, three other women have done the same.

How much does this cost her?  She estimates that her daily costs average around $450 per day.

Crystal Serenity isn’t the first cruise ship she has lived on.  Prior to her moving onto Serenity, she spent three years on a Holland America Line ship.

Living on a cruise ship does have it drawbacks.  But thanks to modern technology, she is able to keep in touch daily with her sons and seven grandchildren. She is also able to see her family several times a year when the ship docks in Miami, Florida.

How does she spend her time on board? Her second love is needlepoint and is often found teaching it to other passengers.  Everything she makes, she gives to the crew members.

Cruise Fever would love to hear your thoughts.  Would you want to live on a cruise ship when you retire?

Photo Credit: bert76 07:28, 29 August 2006 (UTC) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
Ben is a world traveler who has visited 40+ countries, taken over 70 cruises. He is one of USA TODAY's experts for their 10Best Readers' Choice Awards. His writings have appeared and been cited in various media outlets such as Yahoo News, MSN, NPR, CNN, Fox, and ABC News. Ben currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Follow Ben on Instagram. Visit Ben Souza on Linkedin. You may email Ben at [email protected].
Miscellaneous87 Year Old Woman Spends $14,000 a Month to Live on a...


  1. She’s not the first woman living on a cruise liner. I was sailing on the Norwegian wessel M/S Sagafjord during her world cruise in 1983. There was a woman named “Mary B”. onboard, she’s been living there for Three years when I was there. She was, however,sendt back home to the US from Hong Kong by the ship’s doctor due to her medical condition. When I asked her why she had chosen to live onboard, the answer was: “It’s not possible to find one nursing home in America With this kind of service”

  2. I would LOVE living on a cruise ship. I would have to sail on a less expensive cruise line, which is fine with me??

  3. I always struggle with paying the single supplement.
    I would be happy to pay a small supplement but 100% always sounds unreasonable to me.

    I alway aim for $200+ per day as my guide.

    I could not afford $400+ per day

  4. What very Lucky Lady to be so well off financially, I’m Jealous of her.. I wouldn’t like ailing 12 months out of the year but certainly the winter months for sure..Imagine 87 yrs old and healthy enough to travel and not in a Nursing Home just existing minute by minute. Plus she gets to meet new friends every trip, I bet her Garden of Friends is Blooming..

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