OpinionWill the Carnival Triumph Incident Affect Cruise Bookings?

Will the Carnival Triumph Incident Affect Cruise Bookings?

Opinions are coming in from around the country on how, or if the cruise industry will be impacted by the Carnival Triumph incident.  For the past week, news networks such as CNN, Fox News, & ABC have given nonstop coverage of the fire that caused the Carnival cruise ship to lose power.

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One article on Fox Business actually went as far as asking if the incident will cause defeat of the cruise industry.  The negative headlines continue to pour in as passengers give their accounts of what life was like on the Triumph. Why all the negative headlines?  That is simple, negative headlines cause a spike in viewers and ratings to go up.

While the new reports seem to focus on those who have a negative opinion of cruising, the only way to get a true idea of how this will affect the future of the cruise industry is to get the opinions of those who actually cruise.

Cruise Fever asked the following question to our 6,000 members on Facebook:  “Has the Carnival Triumph incident changed your thoughts on cruising? Would you no longer take a cruise? Cruise on Carnival?”  We have had over 150 give their opinions on the matter and here are a few of the responses.

I have cruised on Carnival many many times and will be cruising with them again in April. –  Kim Kennedy Neely

I was on the Splendor 2 weeks before the fire & went on it another 2 times since the fire. I’m going on the Miracle in 50 days & I can’t wait! As you can see these incidents haven’t stopped me from cruising on Carnival. –  Lisa Terry Mazza

NO, this has not changed my mind!! I’m a travel agent and will go on a Carnival Cruise Lines cruise, and send my clients on one too!!  This was a very unfortunate, unforeseen thing that happened, accidents can happen anywhere at any time, we can not stop living for fear of this!! I wish I was going on a Carnival cruise soon. – Jan Weathermax

What happened to the passengers on the Carnival Triumph was bad and unforseen, but anything can happen on a cruiseship. It is a machine and as with all machines, they do malfunction. Thank GOD it was not worse than what it was… –  Rosemary Freeman

Nope, I would go on a cruise tomorrow if given the opportunity. We sailed on the Triumph and had a great time. I’d sail Carnival again, or Royal Caribbean again, and I’d try another line if the destination and price was in my price range. – Linda Amstutz

I would go on the Carnival Triumph the day that it is fixed and cleaned up. – Christa Potten-Koehler

We just got back from a Western Caribbean Cruise on Carnival Elation and it was FANTASTIC! This was a fluke! If you think of how many cruises Carnival produces each year and how few incidents like this happen…,well you do the math. I feel horrible for the people that had to endure this, but chances are they could cruise every and it would never happen again. The media always has to sensationalize these things. CARNIVAL is great!!!!  – Sue Postier Edwards

My friends and I are hoping to book one in the next day or two. I love cruises, and I love Carnival. I have only been on Carnival, and really would like to try another line and bigger ship, and I wish the other companies would make those options more affordable, I would be a regular returning customer no question. – Scott Foppiano

Heck no…I love Carnival and I will always cruise with her…..I’m leaving on Monday the 25th can’t wait…Living life is a gamble no matter what you do…One day at the time and hope you make it through. This incident is isolated and I’m sure Carnival will do what they have to do. – Marie Wood

Won’t cruise on Carnival any time soon! – Sandra Wilton

There are 16,000,000 people world wide that took a cruise in 2011. Assuming 3000 passengers per cruise ship, it comes out to a little more than 5000 cruises operated per year. World wide, there are about four incidents like the Carnival Triumph. So statistically, your chances of being on such a cruise is .08%. So continue cruising. You stand a 99.92% of having a great time. – Keith Weston

Absolutely not! We love Carnival and accidents happen. I believe that Carnival will review what might have been handled differently. –  Nancy Sterner

I will never take a cruise after this happening. – Donna DeCarlo Pierog

We love cruising and unfortunate incidents sometimes do happen. We will still be cruising. – Christine Timmerman

When did you want me to pack the bags. OH Yes [they are] already packed….. – Connie Hensley Lewis

The overwhelming majority of cruisers said that this incident will not change their opinion of cruises.  What do you think? Cruise Fever would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
Ben is a world traveler who has visited 40+ countries, taken over 70 cruises. He is one of USA TODAY's experts for their 10Best Readers' Choice Awards. His writings have appeared and been cited in various media outlets such as Yahoo News, MSN, NPR, CNN, Fox, and ABC News. Ben currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Follow Ben on Instagram. Visit Ben Souza on Linkedin. You may email Ben at [email protected].
OpinionWill the Carnival Triumph Incident Affect Cruise Bookings?


  1. I have completed 17 Carnival Cruises. I have 2 more booked for this year, April 14 to Hawaii and Sept. 29 in Europe. I am undaunted by what happened on Carnival Triumph and find cruising the BEST way to vacation. Sometimes things just happen, that’s why they are called accidents. I also feel Carnival has tried to compensated all those affected by the incident.

  2. I have cruised on Carnival so many times I cant count them, I would cruise with them again and and again, They are wonderful and the staff is great . Always had a wonderful time. Planning another one with them this year. I have flown all over the country and have had awful service, but I continue to fly also. I feel bad that the passangers had such a bad time of it , but it could have been a lot worse. Suck it up and have the time of your life while you can! Hope to make many more friends on Carnival this yr.

  3. I have cruised with Carnival Cruise Line several times as well as some of the other cruise lines, and have to say have never experienced any problems whatsoever. I do feel really bad for the passengers that this happened too, but you have to be able to adjust to situations that could occur. When you realize just how many miles and hours these ships are running its amazing they dont have more problems. Its just like with airlines do you realize how many miles they fly without incidents. If you worried about things like that you would never leave your house. I have been on cruises and will take many more. In fact am taking another cruise On March 17th,

  4. I think ut is very unwise of you to only poll former cruise takers. The majority of your business will come from those who have wanted to take a cruise in the future & then remain faithful customers. I know many who were planning to cruise this summer & near future. General opinion is NO ONE WANTS TO CRUISE WITH CARNIVAL but would consider other cruise lines. Also all the pubicity regarding the “fine print” in contracts is having a large impact

  5. I will Cruise again!!! In the prosses of planing one now!!!!! I have been on several cruises with Carvival and have loved them all!!!! I have made great friends and great memories!!! Hope to make many more!!!!

  6. I have never cruised on Carnival but love cruises on NCL and Royal! Some of my best vacation memories are on cruises! Are we going to stop driving our cars because we could get in an accident? Of course not, and that is much more likely! I love cruising and would leave today if I could!

  7. In 2012 my entire family and I went on a 7 day cruise with carnival,it was fantastic we will all go again in 2014,we had the best time in our lives! We cant wait to go again we were on the carnival magic it was wibderfull!

  8. I will definitely cruise on Carnival again, and will be going on Princess Cruises to Alaska this summer.
    I went on the Carnival Magic in June, 2012 and had a blast, and I cruised on the Triumph in Nov. 2012 and it was wonderful. This is not the type of problem that happens very often. Sign me up! Ready to cruise anytime.

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