Cruise FactsSmoking Policies on Cruise Ships: Which Cruise Lines Allow What

Smoking Policies on Cruise Ships: Which Cruise Lines Allow What

Whether you love smoking or hate it, many changes have been made in the cruise industry in the last 10 years in regards to smoking.  The trend has been for tighter restrictions on cruise ships just like we have seen in public areas and restaurants on land.  Even if a large number of cruisers on ships want to smoke, the cruise lines have been listening to complaints aboard their ships and with smoke being so hard to contain, more restrictions have been the result.

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The smoking policies with different cruise lines and cruise ships are always changing, but we will try to keep this page updated when a company decides to make a change to its smoking policy.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, this is where the cruise lines stand in regards to their smoking policies:

Carnival Cruise Line: 

Carnival Cruise Line has designated areas where smokers can smoke in public areas, including certain areas of the casino (while playing designated slots machines and table games) and Liquid Nightclub.   Almost every other public area is a non-smoking zone, including dining rooms and other public rooms.  Smoking is not permitted in cabins or on balconies.

Royal Caribbean:

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of Royal Caribbean ships except for the starboard side of open decks, and a designated area of a public room.  Open or closed decks on the port side of the ship are non-smoking zones (exception for the Oasis class ships).    As with most cruise lines the dining rooms are also smoke-free.  Smoking is allowed in the casinos, although select cruises from China will have a non-smoking area.

Disney Cruise Line:

Disney Cruise Line does not permit smoking in any indoor areas. Smoking is allowed on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. on the starboard side of deck 4, and on the port side of deck 9.  Smoking on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy is as follows: Deck 4 port side, aft, from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.; Deck 12 port side aft; and Deck 13 port side forward.

Norwegian Cruise Line:

Norwegian allows for smoking on designated areas of open decks, in casinos (if you are a player), and cigar bars.   Smoking is prohibited in cabins and on balconies.  Smoking is permitted on the starboard side of the Waterfront on the Getaway and Breakaway, with an exception being in the dining areas.

MSC Cruises:

MSC does not allow any smoking in cabins or on balconies.  Smoking is permitted in several bars on each ship, and on one side (indicated by signage) of the principal outdoor pool deck areas, where ashtrays are provided.

Costa Cruises

As with MSC, Costa does not permit smoking in cabins or balconies.  They do allow smoking on open decks and in designated smoking areas available in some public rooms.  No smoking is allowed in restaurants and show lounges.

Princess Cruises:

Princess allows for smoking in the cigar lounge, the casino, and in some areas on open decks.  No smoking is allowed in cabins or balconies and all food services areas.  Cigar and pipe smoking is only allowed on open decks.

Celebrity Cruises:

Celebrity does not allow smoking in their cabins or balconies, but there are a few designated smoking areas across the ship.  Certain areas on the port side of the ship are available for smokers.   Smoking is not permitted in the casino or in any food services areas.

Holland America:

Smoking is not permitted in cabins or on balconies.   Smokers can smoke on open decks and in designated areas in most public rooms. Smoking is allowed in the casino for active players only.  Show lounges and food service areas are non-smoking.

Crystal Cruises:

Crystal now does not allow smoking in indoor areas, as they once allowed smoking in cabins.   Outdoor smoking areas will be available in certain parts of the ship and a designated smoking lounge will be available for smokers.

Viking Ocean Cruises: 

All indoor areas of the ship are non smoking, including cabins in on balconies.  There is a designated smoking section on the starboard side on deck 8.

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J. Souza
J. Souza
Jon is the co-founder of Cruise Fever and has been on 50+ cruises since his first in 2009. As an editor, 15-year writer on the cruise industry, and avid cruise enthusiast he has sailed with at least 10 cruise lines and is always looking for a great cruise deal. Jon lives in North Carolina and can be reached at [email protected].
Cruise FactsSmoking Policies on Cruise Ships: Which Cruise Lines Allow What


  1. just cancelled our holiday with Celebrity we booked a balcony suite so I could have a cup of tea and cigarette during the night I have cancer and a lot of pain especially at night so therefore find it difficult to sleep and wouldn’t dream of asking my husband to take me to a designated smoking area I wouldnt smoke on the balcony during the day but the nights are so long for me

  2. They should allow smoking in the balconies. For goodness, it is open air! That is why we don’t take cruises anymore. That used to be our first choice for vacations! There should be smoking and non smoking rooms, think about how much money these cruiseline are loosing because of the policy.

  3. IF cruise lines could VERY efficiently remove tobacco smoke (by more enclosed/very powerful exhaust fans?) from common areas like open aft pool area on (for ex) Holland America-Westerdam-where smoking was allowed, that would be acceptable. There were only 2 medium sized pools on the Westerdam, one enclosed, the other exposed But as it was on my recent trip thru Panama Canal, smoke was intolerable in over half of the exterior pool deck which meant no strolling over to view over the starboard side at all! Nor could one go directly to the bar to order unless prepared to battle the stifling lack of air. I realize these people paid to travel too BUT everyone in the civilized world knows second-hand smoke kills, plus some of us are highly allergic to it. THAT’S when their rights to smoke override my need for clear oxygenated air! and I adamantly object! If you have to smoke, try those artificial ones for the 2 week trip..or better yourself a favor and begin your cruise with a life-saving attempt to quit!

    • They ONLY give a very small areas of the ship to smoke, maybe if they gave us more areas there wouldn’t be a high concentration of smoke. Maybe YOU should just stay out of the smoking areas period. There are plenty of bars to go to.

    • Love people complaining about second hand smoke outside. Most if not all will sit be a fire with their kids making Smores or just visiting. A fire made with 10lbs of wood contains 4,300 times more carcinogenic polyaromatc hydrocarbons than 30 cigarettes according to EPA estimates. Yes, it might smell better but it’s also deadlier.
      News flash! There is no clean oxygenated air on this planet. It’s been so polluted by manufacturing, car exhaust, etc.

  4. Smokers have rights too. Their money is as good as non smokers and respect should be shown to both sides. At the end of the day we are all trying to enjoy ourselves and relax

  5. Smoking is DISGUSTING and should be banned on all cruise ships! Most smokers are dirty and drop their nasty cigarette butts wherever they’re standing, also the second hand smoking is completely offensive.

  6. Holland America effective 2017 no balcony smoking or cabin smoking. Ecigs in cabins but not balconies.

  7. I think you need to read Princess Cruises smoking policy again…cigats and pipes are only allowed on open decks if the ship does NOT have a cigar lounge. If it has one…cigars and pipes are only allowed in the cigar lounge

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