Cruise TipsTravel Gear You May Already Have

Travel Gear You May Already Have

Used, abused and evaluated; recommended travel gear is available from sources that target specific groups of people. They make gear for travel by air, land or sea, keeping the common needs and peculiarities of each in mind.

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Travelers focused on land adventures need a big pile of backpacks from which to choose. Cruise travelers may need a backpack to take ashore with them, but the choice is rather simple compared with the adventure traveler who wants a more customized product. Then there are those who simply repurpose existing products they might already be traveling with anyway. ‘Tis those travelers of which we speak today.

iPhone Hand Warmers- It’s Not Overheating, It’s Over-Thinking I thought I would have a hard time finding others who use their overheated/overworked/faulty iPhone to warm their hands on a cold day. In the air by an exit row seat can be a chilly experience on a long flight.

Diabetics (me), travelers with frostbite and Anemia also can have cold hands. Go further than that and the topic of causes for cold hands get ugly. We won’t go there. Still, when a Floridian gets caught in the cold, all bets are off on what they will do to keep warm. That iPhone you think is about to explode? It’s also a great source of heat.

Bonus Reason To Use iPhone Hand Warmers:
​Instead of two products, (campers know individual hand warmers​ are a thing) just one will work, saving space in packing. That’s a big deal to those who travel with carry-on only.

This particular item on the Travel Gear You May Already Have list is stupid but you get the idea: Do you carry purpose-specific gear that has multiple uses? It’s a good question to ask and one that can bring an evolved answer. I ask that question before every trip to increase the odds that I will have appropriate gear for common travel situations.

A New Quack From Duct Tape Another one? Duct tape. The odds of needing an entire roll of Duct tape on a cruise are rather low. A short piece to fix a broken luggage handle or a failed hem on a dress: much higher odds. Better than a luggage-space-consuming roll of Duct tape, some strips applied to the inside of a piece of luggage will be just fine if needed and take far less space.

Travelers like that cruising is rather easy to gear up for, especially if sailing the same cruise line and/or repeating a previous a ship within, say, a year. After that, all bets are off on what that cruise line might be doing onboard and what gear is needed as the industry continues to evolve.

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Cruise TipsTravel Gear You May Already Have

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