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Embarkation Tips

Embarkation Day
Embarkation Day

Embarkation day is a day that you have been looking forward to since you booked your cruise.  It is a very exciting day and one of my favorite moments of a cruise, the moment you step on deck of your ship and the moment that the ship begins to sail away from the port.

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Here are some tips to help ensure that everything on this day goes smoothly.

  • Before you leave home, double check to make sure you have all the proper government documents that you need (passports, birth certificates, photo id etc.)  Anything else you forget can be bought on board.


  • Parking at the port can cost as much as $20/day.  Look into taking a shuttle or cab if possible to the port to save money.
  • Try to get to the port as early as possible, you must be on board 90 min before sailaway.  Get on early, have lunch and enjoy a day by the pool.
  • Your ship will not wait for you if you are late. Flying in the day before is recommended when possible.
  • Your room will not be ready if you board early.  If you want to enjoy the pools or hot tubs, pack your swimsuit in a carry on.
  • Your luggage will be x-rayed, don’t try and sneak alcohol on the ship, they will catch you.
  • Walk around the ship and get familiar with your way around, each ship is laid out completely different.
  • Turn data roaming off on your cell phone, it is the #1 way to save money on a cruise.
  • Your luggage will randomly appear at your room throughout the afternoon, sometimes all at once and other times just a suitcase at a time.

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Ben Souza
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Cruise TipsEmbarkation Tips

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