MiscellaneousStressed Out? 3 Ways a Carnival Cruise Can Fix That

Stressed Out? 3 Ways a Carnival Cruise Can Fix That

Traveling by ship is a great way to see the world, efficiently and safely. It’s also a great way to relax, refresh and gain a new outlook on life.

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Removing ourselves from the ‘real world’ for a while has positive benefits all of us can gain from. That’s on any cruise line and any cruise ship. But what about being stressed out over work, personal or other issues? Today we have three ways a cruise on Carnival Cruise Line can fix that.

Being Silly And Stupid Has Its Advantages

So maybe a Hairy Chest Contest around the pool is not your idea of quality entertainment. We get that. Still, being silly and stupid on purpose by going to and/or participating in this activity is a focused effort that you probably don’t do Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. That’s why it works. No where else can we remove ourselves from daily life and dive in head first to something new. It’s that ‘something new’ part that enables travelers to step outside of their comfort zone and let in a new experience.

This time it’s the Hairy Chest Contest. Next time it might be a trip to some part of the world you have never been to before. The same process of embracing something new applies and, quite frankly, no other cruise line has as many opportunities to do silly and stupid things safely.

Is That Stress A Self-inflicted Wound?

As big ships go, it will be difficult to find a better value than a Carnival cruise. Still, regardless of how low that price is or how wonderful the upgrade, promotion, bargain or deal, we have to pay for it. Carnival takes stress out of that too with an Easy Pay Plan which allows travelers to divide up payments into equal, monthly installments.

Worst case scenario: instead of being stressed about one big payment, buyers can be a little stressed about a bunch of smaller ones. We think that’s better. I like this plan because paying on multiple occasions also reminds us why we are traveling in the first place. On a regular basis we see the result of saving, planning and/or scrimping efforts made to enable our cruise. If we know we can pay for this cruise by skipping a night out on the town here and there, it’s nice to see the balance due go down as we do so.

I’m Good But The Kids Are A Different Story

Not every cruise line has a youth program. Those cruise lines that do face scrutiny from parents that want to be absolutely sure of one thing: It will be fun for the kids. Why? Because the kids are not fun when they are not happy. A second after concern for ‘happy’ parents move want to check the box by concerns for ‘safely’. Here too parents don’t play around, looking a feeling that there will be no ‘inappropriate touching of the children’. Cruise lines that target families know this.

Of the choices, that Carnival has children’s programming staffed with crew who have been successful educators ashore before being considered for their ships at sea. The focus is different too with Dr Seuss setting the tone for, you guessed it, fun and happy times for kids.

A commonly recommended cure for stress: dealing with stressful topics before they show their ugly heads. These three ways a Carnival cruise can fix that work quite nicely.

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MiscellaneousStressed Out? 3 Ways a Carnival Cruise Can Fix That

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