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Should I Choose Fun Saver or Fun Select When Booking a Carnival Cruise?

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Carnival booking options

When you are booking a cruise with Carnival you have the option of choosing your own room or letting Carnival choose it for you.  This will save you a few bucks, but should you really go with the fun saver option and let the cruise line choose your room, or are you better off picking your own stateroom so that you know what you will be getting?  Read on to find out.

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You can save over $100 in some cases when you use the “Fun Saver” option so it can be tempting to just let fate choose what room you will get.  But if you are picky about your room and want to make sure it is not in a noisy environment or in an odd location of the cruise ship you should just choose “Fun Select” to be safe.

So basically you can choose the “Fun Saver” option to let Carnival choose your room for you, and you have no control over what room you will get other than the category that you selected.  For instance, if you selected a balcony room you will still get a balcony room, you just don’t know where it will be.

It should be noted that you will not be downgraded if you use the “Fun Saver”.  So if you choose an ocean view you will not end up with an inside room when you get on the ship.   And you should still have the option of upgrading if you want to.

Also, with “Fun Saver” you can get your deposit refunded up until the day before that the entire payment is due.  But you have to know the date when the full amount is due or you may miss your opportunity to get that refund back.


Why you might be better off with “Early Saver”

There is another option called “Early Saver” that offers all of the savings of “Fun Saver” and the flexibility of “Fun Select”.    Not only can you choose your own cabin with Carnival’s “Early Saver” but you can also get a price match up to 2 days before sailing.  And the price of “Early Saver” and “Fun Saver” are usually the same so you can still save anywhere from $30 to $150 on your cruise price.    However, the deposits are non-refundable, so you have to know that a certain sail date works for your schedule.

But even if your schedule changes you can change your booking to another cruise for a nominal fee of $50, so it’s still a great deal to go with an “Early Saver” cruise booking.  You just have to be patient.

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Cruise TipsBookingShould I Choose Fun Saver or Fun Select When Booking a Carnival...

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