MiscellaneousInsanely Fun Carnival Cruise Excursions

Insanely Fun Carnival Cruise Excursions

Carnival Cruise Line has the onboard experience perfected. Known as the fleet of ‘The Fun Ships’, cruise travelers agree. While sailing any ship in the fleet, look for the fun filter to be applied every step of the way.

It’s a well-defined cruise travel experience that keeps us coming back for more. But what about off the ship? At the places Carnival cruise ships visit, options for time ashore are flavored with fun too. But then there are tours that are crazy-fun, like these five insanely fun Carnival cruise excursions.

Excursions With More

Carnival’s Exclusive Crystal Cave Tubing & Zipline With Lunch is a great example of the insanely fun Carnival cruise excursions with more. Talk about fun, this one in Belize is nearly 7 hours of it and includes cave tubing and zip-lining through jungle.

Crystal Cave is an ancient ceremonial cave, seen as you zipline 500 feet through the jungle, pause and zip another 700 feet. That’s the first part. Next, this insanely fun Carnival cruise excursion goes from way up high to way down low, as you descend underground to the Maya’s sacred underworld. During cave exploration, a guide will lead you through a large Mayan chamber, narrating with interesting facts of Maya history and practices.

Also included: Lunch awaits you at the Jaguar Paw Jungle Cafe. The Rainforest Bar serves up cold Beikin beers and tropical drinks available for purchase. To insure sharing of insanely fun Carnival cruise excursions, enjoy free WiFi before you board your air-conditioned bus back to the port.

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…On Your Own

At various places around the world, insanely fun Carnival cruise excursions enable us with bonus free time, a highlight of any tour for many travelers. In Rome for example, ships dock far from the city. That makes transportation to get there from the ship something most travelers will need.

Tours with something to the effect of “on your own” will follow a similar pattern: Get on a bus and learn a little about the amazing place you are visiting on the way. By the time that bus makes it to the city, those onboard know enough to get around. They have probably been given maps too, advised of a pickup place and given a time to be there for return to the ship.

This option is best for those who do not like groups (you are ’on your own’, have been to a place before (less likely to get into trouble) and are familiar with it, at least a little bit. Directionally challenged travelers might do better on a different tour, perhaps one that does not leave the ship.

Behind The Fun Ultimate Tour

…On Your Own tours can be fun for those who are OK on their own and do not need a guide with them all the time. But what about if we have been somewhere so often that even getting off the ship is less than insanely fun. A tour of the ship fill that need.

Only available for purchase on board your Carnival cruise ship, these tours happen one time on each voyage. The price will range from $55 to $95 per person, depending on the ship and they are held on the last day at sea, not a good time to get off the ship anyway.

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MiscellaneousInsanely Fun Carnival Cruise Excursions

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