OpinionMost Common Excuses for Not Going on a Cruise

Most Common Excuses for Not Going on a Cruise

Want to convince a family member or friend to go on a cruise, but they keep giving you excuses?

I am always talking to people about how great cruises are, but there are a lot of people who are either afraid or hesitant about taking a vacation at sea.  Here are some common reasons you will hear for someone not wanting to go on a cruise and how you can convince them otherwise.

“It Costs Too Much”

This is one of the most common reasons people give, but the truth of the matter is that a cruise vacation is MUCH cheaper than most land-based vacations, especially when you consider that all of the food, lodging and entertainment is included.  Yes, there are many “extras” you can pay for like excursions, drinks, and fine dining restaurants, but you can get all the “free” amenities of a cruise for under $500 for a week per person.  Depending on when you buy and where you sail, cruises can be very inexpensive.  7 Night Cruises From $349

“It’s Too Crowded on a Cruise”

This was one of my preconceived notions before my first cruise.  I had this idea that there would be massive crowds everywhere I went, but this simply was not true.  These ships are so large that there are plenty of places on the ship where you can get some privacy, peace and quiet and feel like you are the only one on the ship.  The only places that might seem a little crowded are the pools during a sea day, but if you go swimming at night or while the ship is in port you can pretty much have the whole pool to yourself.

“I’m Afraid of a Ship Wreck or a Rogue Wave”

If someone gives you this excuse it will almost impossible to persuade them.  While rogue waves are VERY rare and rarely large enough to do any real harm to one of today’s large cruise ships, they can present a scary situation.   But if you look at the raw numbers you will see it is more dangerous to drive on the highway or fly on an airplane than to cruise on a ship.  And even after the Costa Concordia disaster there have been many safety precautions that have been implemented in today’s cruise ships to make this form of travel even safer than ever.

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“I’m Afraid I Will Eat Too Much”

Cruise ships do not force you to eat anything if you don’t want to.  But if you are a compulsive eater you might have a hard time avoiding the delightful delicacies that adorn the ship’s buffet and main dining room.  At the same time there are also fitness gyms on these ships and you can hit a treadmill or elliptical to try to work off those calories while getting a great ocean view.

“There’s Nothing to Do on the Ship”

Whoever said this one has definitely not been on a cruise before.   What can you do on a cruise?  Everything from swimming, rock climbing, bowling, ice skating, shopping, movie watching, attending a show, singing, mini golfing, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and so much more.  There are always activities, games, game shows, crafts, and trivia games going on aboard these boats during sea days and if you can’t find something to do on a cruise ship then I’m afraid I can’t help you.  Beside that, sometimes it is nice to just do nothing.  After all, it is a vacation right?

“I’m Afraid I Will Get Seasick”

My wife was afraid of getting seasick before she went on her first cruise since she has had problems with seasickness before when she had gone fishing.  But these cruise ships are so huge you barely feel you are at sea at all most of the time.  My wife didn’t feel seasick one time on her first cruise.  These ships have stabilizers to keep them from rocking and unless you are in rough seas it should not be a problem for most passengers.    You should still bring some Dramamine though, just in case.

“I Want to Spend More Time at the Ports”

The thing I love about cruises is that you can visit so many different places at one time.  It’s kind of like a vacation sampler and you can get a small taste of all kinds of tropical locations.  There are some ports I visited that I would like to do a land vacation on some time.   But I never would have known this without going on a cruise there first.  Being able to visit 4 or 5 islands on an 8 day cruise is much cheaper than trying to fly to these ports and find hotels to stay in on each one of them, but if you want to spend more time at the ports a cruise is a great way to see which ports are your favorite.

Got any more excuses you have heard?  Let us know in the comment section below and let’s help each other convince our friends and family that cruise vacations are the best way to get away.

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J. Souza
J. Souza
Jon is the co-founder of Cruise Fever and has been on dozens of cruises since his first in 2009. As an editor and avid cruise enthusiast he has sailed with at least 9 cruise lines and is always looking for a great cruise deal. Jon lives in North Carolina and can be reached at [email protected].
OpinionMost Common Excuses for Not Going on a Cruise


  1. I don’t know …a family member has been desperately trying to get us to try a cruise for many years (hence why we are on this website investigating)… to no avail so far. We’ve had 3 sets of close friends who all tried their first cruise over the past 12 months, all on different ships and cruise lines, to different destinations …and they all HATED the experience.

    Therefore we are not convinced that we would possibly like a cruise due to the many reasons that they cited… i.e. – tiny cabins (they were all in balcony rooms..still small), mediocre food and entertainment, they said it WAS crowded, (regardless of opinions to the contrary) , and as you also noted not enough time at a destination.

    We don’t doubt that people who cruise regularly (like my family member) love the experience … but we just don’t get the “everyone will love cruising if you try it” mentality. Cruising is not like going to a resort or hotel at all … if I walk into a hotel and don’t like it…I leave and go to the next one. Can’t do that on a ship… if I’m unhappy, I’m literally stuck for a week, (unless I bail out at the next port & forfeit all my $’s ….right?) Too much risk of disappointment in my mind …at least at this point.

  2. My brother has an excuse of pirates! Yes real pirates of the Caribbean! This is why he won’t cruise!

  3. An excuse I sometimes hear is “you only get to experience towns/cities that are right on the coast.” Not only is that not always the case (from Livorno, for example, it’s easy to get to Pisa or Florence, and Rome is only an hour from Civitavecchia, and the cruise lines run excursions to them if you don’t want to be hassled with arranging transport), but often such cities are among the most interesting.

    I’ve gotten the “I’ll be bored on the ship” one too, and all I can do is echo what one cruise director said on a two-week European cruise we were on “You’re on a cruise ship. If you can’t find a way to enjoy yourself, it’s on you!” One of the things we love about cruising is there’s something for everybody.

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