Opinion6 Outdated Ideas About Cruising

6 Outdated Ideas About Cruising

Misconceptions still abound about cruise travel, but the truth is they are mostly false. Once you understand the reality, a vacation at sea becomes a perfect opportunity. Here are six debunked myths.
I Can’t Afford Something So Expensive

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Actually, a cruise is a remarkable value, even since its inception. Over time, however, that value has only gotten better as so much is included at sea. After you unpack once and conveniently travel to several ports of call with inherently bundled transportation, most meals and entertainment are free. So, yes an initial bottom line price might seem expensive, but when you break everything down per day, there is no beating such a deal on land where everything adds up far quicker on an a la carte basis.

It’s Only for the Newly Wed and Nearly Dead

Again, this is not exclusively true. While boomers still account for about half of the cruising market, the other half is now dominated by increasingly youthful passengers such as millennials. Besides newlyweds, plenty of young families are regularly choosing cruises as their preferred form of travel, and even once older-skewing segments such as river sailings are starting to appeal to younger crowds as well. If anything, cruising is perfect for multiple generations with voyages that can be enjoyed among grandparents to grandchildren.

Quarters Are Cramped and Ships Are Overcrowded

While standard cabins will likely never be as large as shoreside hotel rooms due to economies of scale, staterooms are bigger than they once were, and there are also plenty of suites to choose from as well for those who require more space. In fact, most of your time will be spent out of your private accommodations enjoying the rest of the ship, and while there are areas that can get busier, there are plenty of places to escape to for a quiet respite with ships getting ever bigger.

I’ll Definitely Be Bored Onboard

Also as ships get bigger so too do the amazing lists of things to do onboard. They truly are cities at sea now with dozens of restaurant choices plus as many opportunities for kinetic to leisurely activities. Just be sure to pick a ship that suits your need to be entertained by everything from Broadway-style performances to ice skating shows. Besides, there’s something for every age group onboard from the youngest children to the oldest adults.

Seasickness Is Sure to Attack

Larger ships also mean greater stability. Smaller vessels do move more, making guests more prone to motion sickness, so booking a mega ship is a way to avoid excess movement. Of course, weather is unpredictable and even the biggest in the world will rock from time to time, but it’s far less of a concern than it once was.

I Won’t Be Able to See Enough of the Destination

Port calls are generally only scheduled for one day, but the beauty of a cruise is that several are included, making it a perfect sampler of an overall destination. That way you can discover your favorite and always return for a longer duration. Alternatively, more and more cruises themselves stay longer at any given location to better delve into its sights and sounds and particularly nightlife with occasional multi-day stops.

Jason Leppert is the Editor-in-Chief of Popular Cruising, the leader in video cruise reviews.

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Jason Leppert
Jason Leppert
Contributor – Jason Leppert In his thirties, Jason is a millennial cruise expert with over 100 sailings under his belt and a fresh, youthful perspective on the industry. He has been cruising since before he was even two years old thanks to his parents’ shared passion for traveling and their desire to experience all journeys together as a family. You can visit his website at PopularCruising.com
Opinion6 Outdated Ideas About Cruising


  1. Good points but I have just a few things to add. After you break down all that is free on a cruise when compared to land based vacations, there is still added value in the fact that you can make a small deposit (and in some cases, NO deposit) to book your cruise. Then, pay a little every month or when you can afford it towards your cruise. No need to pay thousands up front to book your cruise. If you are bored onboard, it is because you choose to be! Cruise vacations can be for those that want excitement as well as those that want to do nothing but vegetate. Some cruise lines are “excitement” driven (Carnival) while some (Holland America) are more laid back. If I have a potential client that is concerned about getting seasick, I recommend to them to try a shorter cruise something like 3 to 5 days to test their sea legs. I also direct them to see their doctor for recommendations of what medicines to use to avoid sea sickness. There are many over the counter remedies but make sure those work with your current medical condition. You can always see how long a cruise you may be planning spends in each port and should be part of your cruise planning to begin with. I read many reviews where people complain about issues that could have been avoided just by planning their cruise correctly. There are numerous websites and blogs you can read to help you plan your vacation without issues. Bon Voyage…

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