Cruise TipsFive Signs You Might Like A River Cruise

Five Signs You Might Like A River Cruise

As though it is a requirement to board the ship, most river cruise travelers begin with ocean cruises.  They might have enjoyed land vacations too but it’s the world of ocean cruises that hooks them on the notion of travel by ship.  They may stick with ocean cruising and never consider a river cruise.  They might mix it up with land travel for one trip, ocean cruising on another and an occasional river cruise when the time is right.  But how do we know when to pull the trigger on booking that first river cruise?  Actually, there are some signs to look for; signs you might like a river cruise.

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A very personal choice, signs you might like a river cruise are indeed all about you and what you do when traveling on an ocean cruise:

You Really Don’t Like Lines At All – You go early or late to dinner to avoid standing in a line. When the ship has been cleared by local authorities and passengers may go ashore, you wait for the mob of people to do that so you can walk off without a wait.  Ocean cruise = thousands of people. River cruise=less thank 200 on most lines.  Do the math.

You Never Do Shore Excursions Because They Cost Too Much – Simply put, you would rather go it on your own because ocean ship tours bore you and are not worth the money.  What if the price were reasonable and the guide was local, exclusive for your tour and showed you the best places to enjoy during abundant free time on that tour?  River cruise tours do that.  Some river cruise lines include tours in the price too.

You Do Shore Excursions But Book Them Through A Third Party Source – Clever cruise travelers disregard the idea that if they get back late from a tour not bought through the ship they will be left behind. Some of those people are clever enough to know that the reduced price they paid was for the exact same tour offered by the ocean cruise line.  River cruise travelers are even more clever yet, they often pay nothing, as noted above, some river cruise lines include tours in the price.
Viking Torgil in port

You Don’t Do Shore Excursions Because They Are A Waste Of Your Time – Simply put: the content might be good but they take too long.  On a river cruise, it’s more “time flies when you’re having fun” sort of a deal.  You will learn stuff you did not know and be happy you did.

You Wish Your Past Guest Status Was Higher So You Would Get More ______.  Recognition, perks, more personal service, and or fill in the blank of what you wish you had on an ocean cruise.  Odds are your first river cruise experience will bring more of that.

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Chris Owen
Chris Owen
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Cruise TipsFive Signs You Might Like A River Cruise

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