Miscellaneous3 Surprise Reasons to Sail Carnival's New Ship, Carnival Horizon

3 Surprise Reasons to Sail Carnival’s New Ship, Carnival Horizon

Getting ready to sail 7-nights on new Carnival Horizon, I followed a familiar routine. Tweak the packing list to reflect the climate. Review the ship’s deck plans. Plan shore excursions, study the itinerary and complete pre-boarding information online. Those familiar activities apply to just about any cruise ship of any cruise line. Sailing on a Carnival cruise ship demands a bit closer look.

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Guy’s Pig And Anchor Smokehouse & Brewhouse

Well, what can I say? Guy Fieri did it again, creating a hit dining venue where four unique craft beers are brewed before our eyes. A good idea: sign up for a tour of the facility as early as possible during your cruise. That behind-the-scenes look explains the process because… informed beer drinkers make better beer drinkers? No, it’s just Fun. No chit chat about drinking responsibly. You’re not driving. That’s what the captain is for.

Complimentary on embarkation day and days at sea, that won’t be enough. You’ll have to spend a whopping eight bucks for a half-slab of fork-tender ribs. Whoever watches the budget on cruises: make room for Guy. Not much room but some.

No Carbon Copy And That’s OK

Each ship in the Carnival Cruise Line fleet is unique with a character of its own. That has Carnival past guests choosing favorite classes of ships or even specific ships. Carnival Horizon is technically a twin-sister to Carnival Vista. We get that. Still, this is no carbon copy of the original.

That uniquely Carnival design element makes the ship itself a unique destination unlike any other in the fleet…or like any other cruise ship of any other cruise line for that matter. Unique is OK. This is what Carnival fans want. This is what Carnival delivered. Done. New to cruising? I’d put Carnival Horizon up against any other big ship that aims to attract first timers.

Familiar Patterns, Updated

Namesake Vista-class ship Carnival Vista created a new travel option unlike any other in the Carnival Cruise LIne fleet. Now, new flagship Carnival Horizon mixes things up a bit. A bold space swap of the (quiet) Library Bar with the (SOMETIMES PRETTY LOUD!!!) Piano Bar looked a bit mismatched. That move puts the ship’s steakhouse right next door. A wall separating the two spaces has been rolled back. One would think that to be a potential problem; steakhouse = quiet place to celebrate something right? Not exactly library quality quiet (that’s across the hall now) but it works.

The subtle difference here; times have changed folks. On Carnival Horizon, the steakhouse experience moves from your mom & dad’s idea of an extra special dinner to yours. It’s about time…and Fun…there is always an element of ‘Fun’ in everything.

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Miscellaneous3 Surprise Reasons to Sail Carnival's New Ship, Carnival Horizon

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