Cruise TipsAnchors Away! Choosing a Cruise Destination

Anchors Away! Choosing a Cruise Destination

cruise destinationsWhat could be more exciting than a cruise to an exotic destination! Often, people put aside a separate savings account to fund a particular vacation or for one that has a special rate. Whether it is pre-planned or spontaneous, there still has to be some research and planning made in order to have maximum enjoyment. These are some helpful pointers that can help someone choose the best cruise destination:

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• Length of cruise: While looking at the budget, it is important to decide how many days a person wants to travel on the ship. Most major cruise lines offer three-day weekend, five-day, seven-day or even longer. Also, consider where the ports of call will be and how long each of these visits will be. If someone wants a longer visit on-land to tour, shop, or lounge, then an extended day cruise may be the best.

• Where to board: In the continental United States, there are several areas from which cruise ships leave. On the West coast, they include San Diego, Los Angeles, Galveston or Seattle. For those on the East coast, ports include New York City, Tampa Bay, Miami or New Orleans. So, one’s destination may be contingent upon how close the nearest port of departure is and how far he or she is willing to travel to it. It may be a short drive or may mean a flight. This is a major consideration for the traveling budget.

• Closer to home: A lot of people enjoy Caribbean cruises for the placid Atlantic waters and to explore the pristine white beaches of the islands. Or, they may want an Alaskan cruise to go salmon fishing and take in the natural wild beauty of Alaska. There are also many trips available to see ports around Canada. Another relaxing cruise takes travelers down the Panama Canal. There are also specially-themed cruises which may appeal to the whole family or just for couples or even singles. It just pays to do the research.

• If the budget permits, there are many cruises available from Europe, such as the popular Mediterranean cruises. Again, it just depends on one’s interests, free time and budget constraints. It is a fantastic way of getting to visit several Mid-Eastern countries for a dose of rich history and culture. Ports of call usually include Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Portugal and Croatia.

• Land or Sea: Cruise ships are actually floating cities of luxury, entertainment and ease. The food, drink and entertainment are usually top-notch. So, if the traveler is more interested in the ship’s amenities rather than the ports of call, then it may be more sensible to choose a closer and more economical cruise.

When a destination is finally chosen, the vacationer is sure to have a wonderful time on the ship as well as in stops on the way. With some careful planning, research and reservations, one can finally have the get-away of dreams. The ocean is waiting!

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Cruise TipsAnchors Away! Choosing a Cruise Destination

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