Ports7 Reasons to Cruise to Bermuda Now

7 Reasons to Cruise to Bermuda Now

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Bermuda is one of my very favorite cruise destinations, and I am not alone in this opinion. Over the last several years, more cruise lines have been focusing on this beautiful destination by giving cruisers more ship choices and itinerary options.

Bermuda cruises are most popular during the summer, however you can cruise to Bermuda from April until about the end of October.

You might be wondering, why aren’t there cruises to Bermuda in the winter months? Well, Bermuda is actually located in the North Atlantic, and not in the Caribbean as some people may think. Although Bermuda is surely beautiful at any time of year, due to temperatures becoming cooler and rough sea conditions, the winter months are simply not optimal cruise weather.

Therefore, Bermuda is a perfect summer break destination. Even in the summer, although the weather is hot, it is nowhere near as hot and humid as a summer cruise in the Caribbean. Shoulder seasons will be more comfortable and less hot, as well as less crowded.

Here are the Top 7 Reasons to Cruise to Bermuda

1. Stay longer in port

bermuda cruise

Have you ever found yourself enjoying a port so much, that you just didn’t want to board that ship at 5 o’clock? Maybe you just wished you could stay an extra day or two. Perhaps you’ve thought, if only we could explore in the evening, or even stay in port overnight. This is what you get when you cruise to Bermuda.

The majority of cruises are 5-7 day itineraries, which means that you will have about 2-3 days to explore Bermuda, at your own pace. If you want to go far, you can. If you want to check out the casino or night-life on the island, go for it! You can do as much as you want, all on your own schedule. As an experienced cruiser, I really value this!

Bermuda is also a destination that, if you were to fly in and stay at a hotel, would be quite pricey. After all, Bermuda is a well-loved destination that often earns repeat visitors. By cruising to Bermuda, you are actually visiting in the best and most economical way. Your floating hotel awaits you as you come and go all around Bermuda. You can choose to eat at a local restaurant, or you can opt to have your meals on the ship.

2. Insta-Worthy Beaches


beaches in bermuda on cruise

Have you seen photos of the beaches in Bermuda? With its pale pink sand and stunning blue water, Bermuda has some of the most stunning as well as the most photographed beaches in the world. If you enjoy a beach vacation, you won’t be disappointed!

While there are several beaches to choose from, two beaches that are favorites with cruisers are:

Horseshoe Bay

If you are looking for the most “Instagrammable” beach, you must head over to Horseshoe Bay Beach. The blush pink sand sparkles and contrasts against the large rock formations that jut out of the crystal blue water.
This is probably the most popular beach for cruisers and tourists, so you can expect some crowds. For the best views and photo ops, head left, all the way past the first couple of rock formations. It will be much more secluded and you’ll have even better view to enjoy!

This beach is only about 15 minutes away from the ship’s port in Dockyard. You can take a public bus or opt for a shuttle at 7$ a person each way.

Tobacco Bay

On the other side of the island, near the parish of St. George, Tobacco Bay is a snorkeler favorite. Shallow waters house beautiful coral and colorful fish. It’s popular among the locals and tourists alike!

To get to Tobacco Bay, you can take a public ferry from the ship area to St. George, then a public bus. It should take about an hour, but you’re in Bermuda and you’ve got time :-). Plus, seeing Bermuda by boat will be an added benefit!

3. Family-Friendly Destination

If you are cruising with kids during summer break, I cannot think of a more ideal cruise destination than Bermuda. There are literally so many fun activities for families with children, that you will not be able to do them all in one cruise visit!

Some family favorites include:

Beautiful Beaches

Bring the sand toys and head on over to Baby Beach, just on the right of Horseshoe Bay Beach. This little cove is ideal for your children. It’s calm, and often you’ll find colorful fish swimming around you and tiny crabs on the rock formations that surround this pristine shallow cove.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

These caves are a sight to see and experience. Deep beneath the surface, you’ll find an ocean fed lake that sparkles blue , while above you stalactites shine brilliantly. This is not only enjoyable, but educational. Everyone needs to see this and hear all about it’s legends.

The Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo

This is one of the best aquariums you will ever see! With its emphasis on conservation and learning, and an awesome living replica of one of Bermuda’s coral reefs, you will be glad you visited.

4. An Abundance of Water-sports and Water Activities

bermuda cruise at night

Bermuda is a water-lovers paradise. If you enjoy snorkeling or diving, you will be enthralled with the excursions to some great diving sites. Whether you like to explore sunken ship-wrecks or prefer more calm waters of the coves, Bermuda has it all. There are several catamaran and boat tours to choose from.

If you’re not feeling like swimming or snorkeling, you can still enjoy seeing Bermuda from the water and I highly recommend it. Take a glass bottom boat tour or a sunset catamaran cruise and take in the beautiful Bermuda view. Pastel colored houses peek out from the lush landscape and it’s a sight to see!

If you’re adventurous, there’s so much to do in Bermuda! Jet-ski, kayak, rent or sail your very own boat! Feeling like something different? Try fly-boarding! I’m not the most adventurous one, but I love to watch, and this looks like a ton of fun!

Want something to do right near the ship in Dockyard? You can head over to Snorkel Park Beach and swim with dolphins, or simply opt to play in the water and sand. Tip – This man-made beach is a nice option for the last day in port.

5. History and Culture

In Bermuda you will find; lavish resort hotels, world class golf courses, and high-end shops. However, Bermuda also has a rich Maritime history, and houses some excellent museums that you’ll highly enjoy if you’re a history buff. To top if off, Bermuda is home to the parish of St. George, a UNESCO Heritage site where there is much to see, including St. Peter’s Church and the Unfinished Church.

Bermuda has an upscale, yet comfortable feel. Locals are friendly and informative and will openly share about their day to day life and proud culture.

Throughout the island, local artists display their crafts and jewelry in the shops and at the elaborate street fair, Hamilton Harbour Nights.

On Wednesday evenings, you can head over to Hamilton and attend the popular street fair and parade that will be set up along the waterfront. Along with artists and food vendors selling products, you’ll get to see traditional Gombey Dancers, who participate in the parade. The Gombey Dancers themselves, are part of a culture that has been passed down from generation to generation.
To visit Hamilton, simply take the 25 minute ferry ride from Dockyard to Hamilton at 5$ per person each way.

6. Bermuda is One of the Safest Cruise Port Destinations

“Bermuda feels safe”, you’ll often hear this said about Bermuda. Of course, as a visitor, you’ll always want to take normal safety precautions as you travel. However, Bermuda is an island where you can feel very comfortable taking the public bus and ferries, just as the locals do. The public transit system is safe and efficient, and you’ll often be greeted with a friendly Good’day as you board.

Cruisers can feel comfortable walking around near the ship right in Dockyard, where you will find many shops and casual restaurants and pubs. There is even a beach party at Snorkel Park Beach, a 5 minute walk from the port, where many cruisers go out in groups and enjoy.

7. Convenient North-East Departures

bermuda cruise

Bermuda cruises are available from New York, New Jersey, Boston and Baltimore. For this reason, Bermuda cruises attract many cruise passengers who prefer to drive to their port, rather than fly. Of course, if you are not within driving distance, don’t let this deter you. Why not fly into New York or Boston a couple of days pre-cruise, and take time to explore a great city!

Cruise lines are offering more great cruise choices than ever before! Norwegian Cruise Line has newer and recently refurbished cruise ships sailing each week from both New York and Boston. Celebrity Cruises is modernizing it’s very popular Celebrity Summit which leaves from Cape Liberty, New Jersey for the upcoming season. Carnival Cruise Line has the new family-fun Carnival Horizon sailing from New York. Royal Caribbean has cruise options from Cape Liberty, New Jersey (including the revamped Adventure of the Seas) as well as cruises from Baltimore.

While most cruises are 5-7 day itineraries going solely to Bermuda, there are a few itineraries which will combine a nice long Bermuda stay, with 2 or 3 additional Canada/New England ports.

These are the Top 7 reasons to cruise to Bermuda

To recap, Bermuda is truly a cruise destination that has something for everyone, and one that attracts many repeat cruisers, for good reason. With the longer time in port, cruisers report that they have truly relaxed and enjoyed their cruise holiday. If you do it once, keep in mind that you may just want to do it again and again.

About the Author:

Ilana Schattauer is a cruise enthusiast and travel writer at LifeWellCruised.com (www.lifewellcruised.com). She has worked in the cruise industry for more than a decade and believes that we can all have amazing travel experiences, all while enjoying ship life, of course!  Follow LifeWellCruised on Facebook and Instagram.

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Ports7 Reasons to Cruise to Bermuda Now


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