5 Benefits to Having a Balcony Cabin on Your Cruise

When you are booking a cruise you will have the option of choosing an interior cabin, a cabin with a view, or a balcony cabin.  And then , of course, there are suites which have balconies, a huge space, and often come with a butler.  But for this article, I want to mention 5 of the biggest reasons for choosing at least a balcony stateroom.  Yes, they do cost more, and you might be tempted to just get an ocean view, but here are some things to consider before you make that decision for your next cruise.

Better Views

Most balcony staterooms have floor to ceiling transparent doors which give you a much better view than just a window, whether it be a porthole or full sized window.  And let’s face it, when you are cruising it’s all about taking in the sights.  What better way to enjoy these sights than from the comfort of your own room where you can order free room service and put your feet up.

Ocean Air Anytime You Want It

For me this is the biggest reason to get a balcony stateroom.  Even if you can still see the ocean with a window in your stateroom, or imagine it with an interior stateroom, there is nothing like feeling the ocean breeze as you cruise from island to island.   When the cruise ship really gets moving the breeze can be a little too intense, but even if you want to stay inside your cabin and leave the door open a little it’s nice to breathe in that ocean air.  Most cruise ships want you to keep the door closed but this is mostly because they don’t want to pay for keeping a room cool if the door is open.  Just make sure you turn the thermostat up or down depending on the temperature outside.

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More Private

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s nice to be able to lay out on the pool deck with a lounge chair and get some sun, but sometimes the pool deck can get a little too busy and crowded for my taste.  That’s why it’s nice to be able to back to your own private room and put your feet up where no one can bother you.  You might have a few rowdy passengers in other balconies, but usually during the day it’s quite quiet and peaceful out there

Easier to Wake Up

I know sometimes budgets don’t allow for an upgrade to a balcony stateroom on a cruise ship, but interior staterooms just don’t allow you to wake up naturally.  It’s just as dark when you went to sleep as when you get up.  I loved being able to wake up to the natural sunlight coming through the glass doors.  There is no need for an alarm clock and you don’t feel detached from reality.

Experience the Ocean Life More

On my last cruise my wife and I got to see dolphins swimming around the ship while we were sailing to one of our ports.  They were right along the ship and jumping in and out of the water.  It was quite a sight to see and we never would have seen this if we didn’t have a balcony.  We spent a lot of time just leaning on the railing and looking out into the water, and spotted several other kinds of oceanic life, which was a wonderful part of our cruising experience.

Not everyone will be able to afford a balcony stateroom, but if you are able to modify the budget enough to pay for one, it will be well worth it.  The best balconies are on the back of the ship.  They are bigger balconies and a little more private since you don’t have as many neighbors, but usually you will have to pay a little extra for these as well.

So what do you think?  Have you ever been in a balcony stateroom?  And what was your experience compares to interior or ocean view cabins?  Let us know in a comment below.  We would love to hear from you.


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  1. Faith Kott says

    We have been on two cruises in the last year, both on NCL ships. Both times we splurged for a balcony room and are so glad that we did! Amazing views, privacy, and the chance to enjoy the ocean with just the two of us. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Would love to try the balcony rooms on the back of the ship with more room sometime!

  2. Heather says

    My family and I go on a cruise every year. We have always gotten the ocean view, which is nice, but this we went for it and got a balcony located on the side for the cruise we took in the spring, and in the rear for the one in Hawaii. The one in the back was a much better view plus you could see the view on both sides.

  3. Jeanie Hayes says

    2003 the one and only time we sailed in an interior cabin. I went topside every morning at 5:30 am and waited for the sun to rise. I’m not clostrophobic but I hated that feeling of not knowing what direction we were headed and that feel of never ending nighttime. The next cruise was an ocean view and cruises 3 thru 19 were balcony. It’s worth every dollar. I’ll do without the extra trips to Walmart for stuff I can’t remember what or why I purchased it in the first place in order to sail the ocean blue in a balcony cabin.

  4. Veronica Warrington says

    OMG … I could never cruise without a balcony…. I love the fresh air coming into my cabin while I’m taking a nap … Love the sunlight too…. Once I was seasick and was thankful for that balcony… I could open the door and the breeze just hit me in my face, which I needed… We cruise once a year, if possible, and save the money so we can have our balconies ….

  5. CBPfromTN says

    While everything you’ve said about the balcony cabins is true, I do tend to disagree a bit on one thing that people booking for the first time may not know. On Carnival, if you book an AFT balcony cabin, be aware that while that balcony may be larger than the regular cabin balconies, you absolutely do NOT have more privacy, in fact you have less. Now again, this is on Carnival ships, but if you walk up to the railing on your Aft balcony, the divider is slanted to where you can easily see every other balcony beside you much easier than on regular balconies. Plus you have to remember that these decks are stepped down so you see every balcony below you and every balcony above you (or in our case once, the Lido deck glassed in part is directly above your balcony and people tend to hang out on the Lido deck and bang on the windows at you while you’re standing on your balcony.) Just a word from the wise….be prepared for more sunlight as well as you won’t have a balcony above you to shade you and sometimes the soot is a little difficult to deal with. Be sure to brush your chairs off or you’ll ruin your shorts.

  6. Rita says

    I’ve only cruised on Royal Caribbean ships … and my first cruise i didnt have a balcony but after that one,6 cruises later i always made sure that we always had a balcony !! I never had a problem as far as privacy or soot … nothing at all. It was always a pleasure having a balcony day or night.To sit out there relaxing with a cocktail and great company was the best !! Hopefully soon i will go once again again on Royal Caribbean !! <3 <3

  7. Bill moody says

    the balcony cabin, makes the cruise. I like coffee and orange juice out there in the mornings, and a nice drink out there of a evening..

  8. Kim says

    I’ve had balcony rooms and they are ok. I prefer a window room to see where we are but still have privacy. Balcony rooms tend to have people who get loud and most times slam the balcony door. It can get noisy when other cruisers forget other people are next to them. Rooms with windows offer a nice view without all the noise. If I want fresh air I just go outside. There’s plenty of deck space where you can have quite time if you don’t want to be around the party atmosphere.

  9. martha graham says

    My hubby & I always have a balcony room rather in front or back or in the middle never have been bothered by next door neighbors..but when on the Valor booked an Ocean view suite the one with no balcony but with floor to floor windows & LOVED it..Didn’t miss the balcony AT ALL. Although it was only a 7 day trip I think if it had been a 15day cruise would have missed a balcony. But if you have never had the picture windows cabin…try it you will love it!!!!

  10. Irina says

    Never booked an interior cabin. Started cruising with an ocean view cabin and decided to try a balcony stateroom. Never went back to ocean view again. Love sitting out on the balcony early in the morning with coffee or a nice cocktail before going down to dinner not to mention the view and ocean breezes!

  11. Betty says

    Havent seen anyone mention that on some ships it is possible to remove the panel between balconies so family or friends can access each others rooms without going into the very public hallways.

  12. Tammy McAnulty says

    My first cruise was an inside cabin and it was so dark. You had no idea if it was night or day. A little weird for me. I have cruised another 4 times with a balcony and it is wonderful. Nothing beats having morning coffee overlooking the beautiful ocean.

  13. Lisa says

    My first cruise was on a balcony. So have all subsequent ones. Would not cruise on anything else. I’ve never had a problem with privacy, even on the extended aft balconies. And seeing dolphins or whale water spouts, turtles and other sea life, plus the amazing breeze, nothing beats sitting on your own balcony with your coffee and a good book, watching the sun rise and set, and the lull of the water as you drift to sleep.

  14. Brenda says

    Love having a balcony. One big thing to request though. We cruised for 7 days with neighbors that had 4 children from 6 to about 1 yr old. I have 5 grands so didn’t think much of it. They were pretty noisy before we sailed and I just thought it was the excitement. The Dad leaned around the divider and informed me they had 4 kids and the ages. Initially told him i had 5 grands so shouldn’t be a problem. BITE MY TONGUE!!! They
    were on the balcony ALONE, running in and out of the door (that makes a terrific sound when slammed), screamed, kept jumping off the bunk beds, and had the walls absolutely rattling for the entire trip. About the 4th day I lost it…….stuck my head around the partition and told the Dad to shut his kids up as all they do is scream,jump, cry, and slam that door. After that they calmed a little and kept them busy. Plus I overheard someone in the hall telling the Dad the same thing.
    The people on the other side were not really noisy but they or their friend was smoking a stinky cigar and as you know smoke has no direction.
    Things to remember on any trip so you enjoy your trip and avoid frustration. Be specific about room and neighbors.

    • Kim says

      That is the exact reason I won’t do another balcony room. I have kids but when I spend a lot of money I don’t want to risk an annoying family ruining my quiet time. Balconies do have it’s perks BUT not enough to make me book one. People seem to forget they have neighbors in balcony rooms. The slamming door is what really gets me. I spend enough time being aggravated in a big city. I don’t want aggravation on my vacation. Having to tell some other inconsiderate person to please tone it down isn’t something I want to deal with. After 6 cruises I’m learning where the quiet rooms are. I don’t think I could have bit my tongue as early as you did…lol.

  15. Dianne says

    On an Alaskan cruise a balcony cabin is a MUST! There is so much to see in the Inside Passage, whales, dolphins, the beautiful islands and the Pacific Coast, forests, waterfalls and glaciers just outside your cabin door should not be missed. You don’t even have to deal with crowds of people to get awesome pictures from the railing. If you go on an Alaskan cruise and don’t have a balcony, you will regret it for sure.

    • Marjorie says

      Dianne said it perfectly. For some cruises, a balcony is nice, but not a must. If your ship stays fairly close to a shore line and the views are special, the balcony is great for photos.

  16. Jackie says

    We love to sleep with the balcony door open. I know the cruiseline doesn’t want you to but I love to hear the sound of the ocean as the last sound before going to sleep and the first thing as I wake in the morning. It’s also the perfect place to start the day with coffee or a cocktail later in the afternoon or evening.

  17. Deanna says

    We have been on many cruises and always book a balcony cabin. There is so much to see from the balcony. Not only sea life but when in port there are always interesting things to see.

  18. robert says

    U r right a balcony room offers so much more I woke up to watch us cruising into Jamaica and it was beautiful the memories will last a lifetime!!

  19. James Reed says

    My 1st cruise was an interior room. But my sister had a balcony room. I so enjoyed just sitting out on the balcony w/ her and talking about life that I knew I had to have a balcony on my next cruise. So I did and now I’m hooked. For me, it makes the cruise an amazing experience to do coffee on your balcony early in the morning while watching the sun rise just over the horizon.

  20. Linda says

    I have been on two cruises,both times we have had a balcony we are crusin in 2016,this time we are going to try interior with French doors that open,we usually do the same cruise every year so I’ve been there and done that I’d like to try something different and put my money more towards the drinking plan

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