5 Benefits to Having a Balcony Cabin on Your Cruise

When you are booking a cruise you will have the option of choosing an interior cabin, a cabin with a view, or a balcony cabin.  And then , of course, there are suites which have balconies, a huge space, and often come with a butler.  But for this article, I want to mention 5 of the biggest reasons for choosing at least a balcony stateroom.  Yes, they do cost more, and you might be tempted to just get an ocean view, but here are some things to consider before you make that decision for your next cruise.

Better Views

Most balcony staterooms have floor to ceiling transparent doors which give you a much better view than just a window, whether it be a porthole or full sized window.  And let’s face it, when you are cruising it’s all about taking in the sights.  What better way to enjoy these sights than from the comfort of your own room where you can order free room service and put your feet up.

Ocean Air Anytime You Want It

For me this is the biggest reason to get a balcony stateroom.  Even if you can still see the ocean with a window in your stateroom, or imagine it with an interior stateroom, there is nothing like feeling the ocean breeze as you cruise from island to island.   When the cruise ship really gets moving the breeze can be a little too intense, but even if you want to stay inside your cabin and leave the door open a little it’s nice to breathe in that ocean air.  Most cruise ships want you to keep the door closed but this is mostly because they don’t want to pay for keeping a room cool if the door is open.  Just make sure you turn the thermostat up or down depending on the temperature outside.

More Private

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s nice to be able to lay out on the pool deck with a lounge chair and get some sun, but sometimes the pool deck can get a little too busy and crowded for my taste.  That’s why it’s nice to be able to back to your own private room and put your feet up where no one can bother you.  You might have a few rowdy passengers in other balconies, but usually during the day it’s quite quiet and peaceful out there

Easier to Wake Up

I know sometimes budgets don’t allow for an upgrade to a balcony stateroom on a cruise ship, but interior staterooms just don’t allow you to wake up naturally.  It’s just as dark when you went to sleep as when you get up.  I loved being able to wake up to the natural sunlight coming through the glass doors.  There is no need for an alarm clock and you don’t feel detached from reality.

Experience the Ocean Life More

On my last cruise my wife and I got to see dolphins swimming around the ship while we were sailing to one of our ports.  They were right along the ship and jumping in and out of the water.  It was quite a sight to see and we never would have seen this if we didn’t have a balcony.  We spent a lot of time just leaning on the railing and looking out into the water, and spotted several other kinds of oceanic life, which was a wonderful part of our cruising experience.

Not everyone will be able to afford a balcony stateroom, but if you are able to modify the budget enough to pay for one, it will be well worth it.  The best balconies are on the back of the ship.  They are bigger balconies and a little more private since you don’t have as many neighbors, but usually you will have to pay a little extra for these as well.

So what do you think?  Have you ever been in a balcony stateroom?  And what was your experience compares to interior or ocean view cabins?  Let us know in a comment below.  We would love to hear from you.


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  1. Faith Kott says:

    We have been on two cruises in the last year, both on NCL ships. Both times we splurged for a balcony room and are so glad that we did! Amazing views, privacy, and the chance to enjoy the ocean with just the two of us. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Would love to try the balcony rooms on the back of the ship with more room sometime!

  2. Heather says:

    My family and I go on a cruise every year. We have always gotten the ocean view, which is nice, but this we went for it and got a balcony located on the side for the cruise we took in the spring, and in the rear for the one in Hawaii. The one in the back was a much better view plus you could see the view on both sides.

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