9 Places on a Cruise Ship Most People Don’t Know Exist

9 Places on a Cruise Ship Most People Don’t Know Exist

1. The Brig (Jail)

That’s right – you have the ability to be arrested and jailed at sea.   Don't expect to see the brig on a guided tour though.

2. The Morgue

All oceangoing cruise ships are legally required to have a morgue and to  carry body bags on board. Most morgues are small with rooms for 3 -  6 bodies.

3.  Hidden Pools

Some cruise ships offer forward pools for the crew to use.  These are areas are off limits to passengers.

4. Hidden Decks

These areas are for "crew only" and contain bars, restaurants, and lounges for the workers on the ship.

5. Ultra-Luxe Suites

Most cruise lines don’t clearly advertise these rooms to the general  public, but they’re definitely on board.  This is from Disney's Wish Tower suite.

6. Access to the Bow

On most vessels, accessing the bow will be a no-go, as it’s a restricted area for certain guests, however, this isn’t always the case.

7. Larger Staterooms in the Same Category

All the seasoned cruisers will know the best ways to go about securing a  larger stateroom within the same category to avoid paying an upcharge.

8. Sales Desk with Cheaper Cruise rates

Cruise ships often have a sales desk located on the main hub level that offers bigger discounts for your next cruise.

9. Massive Laundry Operation

On the lowest decks, there are industrial-sized folding machines that  work automatically day and night to press and fold sheets, towels,  tablecloths and more.