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costa allegra fire

Update on Costa Allegra Fire and Aftermath for Costa Cruise Lines

As most of you know by now, the Costa Allegra had a generator fire a few weeks ago while 200 miles off of the coast of Africa. The fire was not out of control...

Costa Allegra Update, Passengers Back in Port

Update: The Costa Allegra has docked in port and passengers have been allowed to leave the ship. The passengers are telling accounts of overflowing toilets, no electricity, and hot conditions on board the ship....
jayne thomas mother of 2 cruise ship disasters

Mother Has Children on Both Costa Concordia and Costa Allegra

Costa has had their share of troubles lately, with the Costa Concordia disaster still fresh in mind and the Costas Allegra fire that has disabled yet another ship off the coast of Africa. But imagine...

Costa Allegra Catches Fire, Adrift in Ocean

Update Tuesday 5:45 am EST: The French fishing vessels Trevignon are towing the Allegra to Desroches Island where it is scheduled to dock on Tuesday. A helicopter dropped off both food and communication devices...