Cruise NewsRoyal Caribbean Will Begin Charging for Room Service

Royal Caribbean Will Begin Charging for Room Service

Royal Caribbean will soon begin to charge for room service, with an exception for continental breakfast options, is reporting.

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Beginning on sailings after March 27, 2017, Royal Caribbean will be charging a $7.95 fee for the All Day Menu and the American Section of the breakfast menu.  Continental breakfast options will remain complimentary.  The $7.95 fee will not apply to guests staying in a Grand Suite. Royal Caribbean confirmed the new fee on Twitter.

Royal Caribbean is joins Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line in charging a nominal fee for select items for room service.  On Carnival, items are priced al a carte and range from a side of fries for $1.50 to wings and a Philly Cheesesteak for $5.00.

Royal Caribbean’s pricing will be similar to Norwegian’s, a $7.95 charge per order for an enhanced room service menu.

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsRoyal Caribbean Will Begin Charging for Room Service


  1. It will be up to the passengers how they will respond to this. Personally, the reason I cruise is because it was all inclusive vacation. If these cruise lines start to penny and pinch the budget, I will simply not cruise on vaca and find an alternate land vacation that is truely all-inclusive.

  2. Norwegian is ting to be less desirable to cruise they charge for items on the main dining room menu also charge room service charge they are pushing speciality dining I also likes tipping the special people that wait on me personally they have now taking that away you have to tip no matter what I have been on a ton of cruises it use to be like an all inclusive not any more sh

    • Sharon, you post your remarks as though all you say is something new! It’s NOT and it’s NOT just NCL ! Many cruise lines have had additional charges in the MDR for things like lobster or better cuts of steak for years. Auto-Tipping has been going on for YEARS and is also NOT just an NCL thing! You can remove those auto-tipping charges on most cruise lines and hand your “special” person your tip. No one is forcing anyone to purchase or participate in these things just as no one is forcing anyone to order cabin service. Your on a cruise with LOADS of dining options available. I have been cruising since 1990 and barely order cabin service. Why? Because touring the ship and visiting the ports is more important to me than sitting in my cabin eating a Philly Cheese Steak on a cruise !!!

    • I ; too; Sharon; like tipping personally! Carnival still allows us to remove our tips; but they really don’t like when we do this! I really don’t care! I tip the people that have waited on me personally- my cabin steward, room service and main dining room! I am NOT tipping the person who washes my sheets, cleans the windows etc! Every time I state this; I get called every name but my name! I ask people when you go out to eat; do you tip everyone? The waiter, cook, busboy and person who mops the floor? NO? Neither do I!!

    • Yeah technically you do as waitresses have to cashout tips so they split tge tios between many people.

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