Cruise QuestionsCruise Questions: Pregnancy, Alcohol, Fuel Surcharge & More

Cruise Questions: Pregnancy, Alcohol, Fuel Surcharge & More

Our 2nd segment of Cruise Questions Answered covers the topics of pregnancy, alcohol, cell phone usage, and fuel surcharges for cruises along with a few other topics that have come in.  If you have a question that you would like answered, do not hesitate to contact us or email ([email protected]) and we will answer your cruise questions.

Can you take a cruise while being pregnant?

Cruise lines will allow women who are less than 24 weeks pregnant to sail.  A medical certificate is also required with your due date and fitness.  Cruise lines are not liable or responsible for complications of pregnancy that may occur during a cruise.

What is the largest cruise ship in service?

The largest cruise ship currently in service is Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. The Allure is 1,181 ft long, weights 225,282 gross tons, and holds 8,500 passengers and crew members.  The ship is a mere 2 inches longer than her sister ship, the Oasis of the Seas.

Can I bring alcohol on a cruise?

No, cruise lines will not allow passengers to bring alcohol on a cruise ship.   Many cruise lines will allow you to bring a bottle or two of wine, but you will pay $15-25 “corkage fee” per bottle.  (A few lines wave this fee.)  All other alcohol will be confiscated after your luggage is x-rayed and given back to you at the end of your cruise. Alcohol sales and the casino are the 2 largest profit areas for cruise lines.  Many have claimed that smuggling alcohol with rum runners purchased on eBay will get past the x-ray machines.

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Can I use my cell phone on a cruise?

Yes, you can most likely use your cell phone while on a cruise.  Each ship has their own cell phone towers so service will be available.  However, you will not be on your AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc network, but on roaming.  These charges can add up quickly, especially if you are using data.  We have read reports of passengers coming back with a $5,000 cell phone bill after a cruise.  Read our post about cell phone costs for more information.

How soon can I get in my cabin?

If you are one of the first to board the ship on embarkation day, you will likely not have access to your cabin right away.  The crew will be busy cleaning and prepping the cabins from the previous cruise that arrived that morning.  Announcements are generally made over the P.A. system when the staterooms are ready.  This is generally between 2-3 hours before sail-away but can differ depending on the ship and itineraries.  Packing a swimsuit in a carry on is preferred if you would like to use the pool facilities before your rooms are ready.

Is there a fuel surcharge for cruises?

As of March, 2012 no major cruise lines are currently charging a fuel surcharge.  Cruise lines have the ability to implement it at any time when crude oil is over $65-75 a barrel, depending on the company.  Oil is currently at $106 a barrel but the cruise lines are reluctant to bring the surcharge back.  In 2008 when oil hit a record $140+ a barrel, a surcharge was implemented by the cruise lines at $10-12 a day per person.  When oil fell back below $65, the fuel charge was stopped and passengers were given on board credit for the amount that they paid in advance.  We will keep you updated if there are any changes to this policy.

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Cruise QuestionsCruise Questions: Pregnancy, Alcohol, Fuel Surcharge & More

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