Cruise News Crown Princess has Fire Break out in Cabin

Crown Princess has Fire Break out in Cabin

The 3,080 passenger cruise ship, Crown Princess, had a small fire break out in one of the cabins near the Ioanian island of Antipaxos.  Princess reported that there were no injuries from the incident.

The fire broke due to the wrong use of electrical tools in the cabin by one of the guests.  The fire was quickly extinguished by the fire sprinkler system.  Minimal damage was done to two cabins.  The Katakolo port authorities inspected the ship and was cleared to continue its voyage.

The Crown Princess is currently on a 12 day Eastern Mediterranean cruise that is scheduled to end in Rome on July 23. The ship was between the ports of Corfu and Piraeus when the fire broke out.

The passengers affected by the fire have been moved to other cabins since their cabins currently have no electricity.

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This incident has had little affect on the cruise compared to other cruise ships that had a fire this year.

View the live Crown Princess Webcam

Cruise Fever will continue to bring you updates with any further information that becomes available.

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Cruise News Crown Princess has Fire Break out in Cabin

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