Unlimited Soda Cards on Cruise Ships

One of the biggest misunderstandings when taking a cruise is that soda is included in the price of the cruise fare. While soda does cost extra (usually $2 each plus gratuity), you can purchase unlimited soda cards that give you unlimited fountain sodas for your entire cruise.

When you purchase a soda card, a sticker is placed on your ship card. All you have to do is show your card at any bar, to any server, or at any restaurant to receive your drink.

A couple things to remember is that you must purchase the card for the entire cruise, you can not get it for a select day or 2. Also, sharing your soda with family or friends is considered stealing. Don’t be cheap, getting one soda card and using it for drinks for your whole family is not purpose behind the card.


  • $6.00 a day plus 15% gratuity, 17 and under is $4.50 a day plus gratuity
  • Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero, Mr Pibb, Canada Dry, & Gingle Ale


  • $6.25 a day plus 15% gratuity, 12 and under is $4.00 a day plus gratuity
  • Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mt. Dew, Ginger Ale, Tonic water, Club Soda
  • Souvenir Thermal mug included in the purchase of the program

Royal Caribbean

  • $6.00 a day plus 15% , 17 and under is $4.50 a day plus gratuity
  • Coca-Cola products
  • Complimentary Coca-Cola souvenir cup


  • Soda is included with your cruise fare
  • Coca-Cola products

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