If I Prepay the Tips on My Cruise Do I Need to Tip Anyone Else?

cruise gratuities

Cruise Gratuities

Prepaying for your tips is an easy way to make sure you have covered all of your bases and you aren’t being a “Scrooge” to anyone.  Each cruise line is different in how much you need to pay in gratuities, and you can read our post on it in the previous link.  So many people wonder that if they prepay for their tips is anyone being left out, and does anyone else typically receive tips that is not included in the prepayment of gratuities.

The truth of the matter is, prepaying for your tips really just covers your room steward and your wait staff in the main dining room.  There are a few other things you can tip for on the ship if you want to as well.

  • Tips for drinks are included in the price (usually about 15%)
  • If you have a butler or concierge you will need to tip extra
  • It is customary to tip for room service
  • The luggage guys at the port of departure will appreciate a tip
  • If you have kids in the cruises children’s program you can tip the staff if you want
  • You should usually tip any bus driver’s or excursion guides as well


Of course, any of the above is up to your discretion.  Since these are tips we are talking about it’s not like they are mandatory.  But if you want to know what is customary on a cruise ship this article should help.

Since you have prepaid your tips you have technically fulfilled your obligation so you don’t have to feel bad if you don’t tip any extra.


Can I Tip My Room Steward or Waitress Even Though I Already Prepaid?

Yes, of course.  If any of the staff exceeded your expectations and you feel like they deserve some extra gratuities you can always pay on top of your prepaid tips.  So just because you are prepaying does not mean you can’t show some extra kindness to some of the staff who made your cruise vacation experience a great one.


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