How Many Cruise Ships Does Carnival Cruise Lines Have?

Carnival Cruise Lines is the largest cruise line in the world right now in terms of the number of cruise ships that they have in their fleet.  Their parent company (Carnival Corp.) owns 9 other cruise lines including some of the more popular ones like Princess Cruises and Holland America Line.
breezecozumelYou might be wondering how many ships in are in the cruise line’s fleet because it will give you more options to choose from when going on a cruise vacation, but there is a reason Carnival has so many great ships to sail on.

But how many cruise ships does Carnival Cruise Lines have right now?

Carnival Cruise Lines currently has 24 cruise ships, with at least two more being added to the fleet in the next 3 years.  Carnival Vista will debut in the spring of 2016 and the 2nd Vista class ship is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

This is one more than Royal Caribbean, which currently has 23 cruise ships with the addition of the Quantum class ships, Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas.

Carnival has become world reknown for creating shorter cruises that people of all ages can enjoy at an affordable price.  They cater to families and a younger audience, but also offer a lot of amenities for those in their golden years of life as well.

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“The Fun Ships”  is what Carnival calls their fleet of vessels that carry fun-loving passengers all over the world.  These ships also carry with them the award winning youth program called Camp Carnival which has been a huge success.  If the kids are happy on the cruise ship, it makes for a better experience for everyone right?

With so many ships from Carnival it shouldn’t be hard to find a ship at a port near you.  You can read a few of our Carnival ship reviews here, and check out some of the cool features that each one has.

Here is a list of all of the cruise ships Carnival has right now:

Dream Class
Carnival Breeze
Carnival Magic
Carnival Dream

Fantasy Class
Carnival Fantasy
Carnival Ecstasy
Carnival Sensation
Carnival Fascination
Carnival Imagination
Carnival Inspiration
Carnival Elation
Carnival Paradise

Sunshine Class
Carnival Sunshine

Triumph/Destiny Class
Carnival Triumph
Carnival Victory

Conquest Class
Carnival Conquest
Carnival Glory
Carnival Valor
Carnival Liberty
Carnival Freedom

Splendor Class
Carnival Splendor

Spirit Class
Carnival Spirit
Carnival Pride
Carnival Legend
Carnival Miracle


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  1. Elvis Irvan says

    we have never been on a cruise so our whole family decided to go on one ,the cruise was fun but when we arrived at the bahamas it was very complicated to get off the ship on the 3rd floor needed to be marked better also took so long getting off the boat at the end they announced on the speaker for decks 11 and 7 to exit ,when we got in the hall way on deck they told us if we put our bag out by the door then we had to wait so 200 people went by us then they told us to go to level 9 and wait for 1 hour finally they called our zone 10 what a mess then when we went through customs they was taking oranges and banannas out of peoples bags and purses that was from the ship so we saw a line that they wasn’t so we went under the rope and he was so nice just checed our i.d. and said come on through ,we was told that the ft lauderdale port was so much better .another thing was we called and asked if we could bring a small fan from home and they said if if was packed in our bags we could so when we got on ship they brought our bags and ,no fan they took it but my son had his fan and he was in the room next to me same kind of fan ,your rules are very confusing you need to give people a sheet of do’s and don’ts other than that the cruise was great service was great the food was bland anyway just thought you should know oh yeah no fountian soda’s ?only tea and lemonade to drink

    • Greg says

      Hmmmmm…..sounds like you would be better off to go camping at the creek than to go on a cruise. It takes a certain amount of class to actually function in a public setting.

    • Nikki says

      Elvis Irvan, I have been on four Carnival cruises and all have been very good. The thing about customs is that no one is suppose to bring fruit into the USA and for the drinks, they do have soda pop, it’s just that you’ll have to pay for that. It’s the same with the alcoholic drinks. I just don’t drink either of those and am happy with the juice, tea and lemonade. Some people are just more picky then others. Not everything can be free.

  2. cameron Jones says

    Im glad that carnival cruise lines is such a success. I am one of the original crew members. of the very first cruise . on the Madi Gras,the carnival and the festival .Boy did we struggle to get things going in those days. Seem like every cruise some thing would go wrong. But the old man hang in there with carnival . And it has paid off.

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