How Fast Does a Cruise Ship Travel?

fastest cruise ships

Cunard's Queen Elizabth

Even though cruise ships are huge it’s amazing how fast they can travel.   The average speed for the larger cruise ships made by Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian is anywhere from 20-24 knots.  This speed translates into around 23mph – 27mph.

How does knots translate into miles per hour?  You can simple multiply the knots speed by 1.15 to figure out how fast that is in miles per hour.

So what’s the fastest cruise ship in the world?  Well it really depends what class of cruise ship you are talking about.  The 25,000 ton Olympia Voyager can travel as fast as 31 knots or 35 miles per hour.  But 25,000 tons is very small by the standards of today’s cruise ships, and the Voyager is more of an ocean liner than a cruise ship.  When you have ships like the Oasis of the Seas which is 9 times larger at 225,282 tons, traveling at speeds of 22.5 knots or 26 mph, it really is astounding.

Before the Olympia Voyager took over the title as the fastest “cruise ship” in the world, the Queen Mary II held the title with speeds of 30 knots.  This is a phenomenal speed considering the boat weighed in at 150,000 tons.  This fast speed allows Cunard to offer 7 day transatlantic cruises between Southampton and New York on Queen Mary II.

Royal Caribbean’s Radiance Class ships are quite speedy as well, being able to travel at speeds of 25 knots or 28 mph.

But just because these cruise ships CAN travel that fast doesn’t mean they ever do.  Usually the cruising speed of one of these massive ships is around 20-22 knots.  Going any faster really uses up fuel quickly and for longer trips they need to conserve as much as they can.  Sometimes if there is a storm at sea they will have to go a little faster to get around it, though.

The reason these ships don’t travel at higher speeds is that because they are so large more of the ship rests beneath the waters which causes more resistance.  If they wanted to they could design these cruise ships to come out of the water more but then it would cause a bumpy ride for the passengers.  By allowing the hull to be more submerged it allows for a smoother ride on the high seas, so even when traveling at 24 knots, you barely feel the ship is even moving.


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