Best Dream Cruises If Money Was No Object

Seabourn Deck, Photo Credit: Seabourn

One of the most influential deciding factors when choosing the right cruise for you and your family is the usually the price.  However, what if the cost didn’t matter and money was no object?  Let’s take a look at the best dream cruises if money was not a factor for your next vacation. 108 Night […]

Repositioning Cruises 2013-2014: One Way Discounted Cruises


Repositioning cruises take place in the spring and fall when cruise lines relocate cruise ships due to seasonal demand.  In the spring, cruise lines will move ships to Alaska and Europe and then back to the Caribbean in the fall.  These repositioning cruises offer unique one way cruises across the Atlantic and others through the […]

A Guide to Christian Cruises


Christian cruises have really taken off in popularity the past few years. A Christian cruise is where an agency rents out the entire ship for a cruise, offers Christian entertainment while the casino is closed and no alcohol is served. This creates a nice Christian atmosphere that has lead to their popularity.  These cruises often […]