7 Ways to Deal with Post Cruise Depression (aka Cruise Fever)

Post cruise depression (PCD), or otherwise known as Cruise Fever, hits all of us after each cruise.  For some, it starts at disembarkation while going through customs.  For others it starts the moment they get home or the first day back at work.  Whenever it starts for you, here are seven ways to deal with Post […]

15 Gee-Whiz Features Found on the Lido Decks of Cruise Ships

The lido decks on cruise ships have come a long way from the days when it consisted of a simple swimming pool surrounded by sun loungers.  With cruise ships coming out with more and more features to attract cruisers, here are the top 15 gee-whiz features found on the lido decks of cruise ships. SeaWalk […]

Debunking the Biggest Cruise Myths

As the cruise industry continues to grow at a feverish pace, some of the old myths, misunderstandings, and urban legends about cruising just won’t seem to die.  While most of these myths are passed around by those who have never cruised, here are the most common myths about cruising. Cruising is dangerous  – Contrary to naysayers, cruising […]

7 Cruise Traditions That Should Go Away

If there is one thing about cruising, it is that traditions are hard to change.  While most cruisers do not like change, it is often necessary to keep the industry growing. Here are 7 cruise traditions that should go away, or at least be revamped. Pictures During Dinner – We get it, cruise lines make […]

9 Reasons Why a Cruise is the Best Type of Vacation

Trying to decide the next vacation for you and your family?  Here are nine reasons why a cruise is the best type of vacation that you choose. Ever changing ocean views –   When you stay in a resort you have one view, and one only view for your entire stay. Whether you are cruising through […]

5 Things You Should Not Do On A Cruise

Before one embarks on a cruise, they often ask the question, “What are some tips and secrets to make the most out of my cruise?”.  It seems that everyone is looking for the “must do’s” so they do not miss anything.   But who can blame them, they are on vacation and want to make […]

Things That Should Remain Free on Cruises

Cruise lines are beginning to add more and more fees to things that were normally included in your cruise fare just a few years ago.  There are some things on cruises that I do not mind paying extra for and others that I want to be included in my cruise fare. Here are a few […]

Most Common Excuses for Not Going on a Cruise

Want to convince a family member or friend to go on a cruise, but they keep giving you excuses? I am always talking to people about how great cruises are, but there are a lot of people who are either afraid or hesitant about taking a vacation at sea.  Here are some common reasons you […]

10 Signs You May Have Cruise Fever

Cruise Fever, also known as post cruise depression, affects everyone in a different way.  For some it starts the moment they head back to work yet for others it begins at disembarkation and while standing in line for customs.  Here are 10 signs that you might have Cruise Fever. 1. Everyday you check your cruise […]

10 Reasons Why I Love Cruising

It only took one cruise, a four night voyage on the Norwegian Sky to the Bahamas, for me to fall in love with cruising.  I enjoyed it so much, I was home less than than 48 hours and I had already booked my 2nd cruise. What do I love about taking a cruise?  Here are 10 reasons […]