With all the problems, why would anyone take a cruise?

Fresh off a 5 night cruise to the Western Caribbean, I was with a few friends telling them about the great time I had onboard.  After a few minutes, one of them said to me,”With all of the problems that cruise ships are having, I could never take a cruise”. I responded by saying, I […]

5 Things You Should Not Do On A Cruise

Before one embarks on a cruise, they often ask the question, “What are some tips and secrets to make the most out of my cruise?”.  It seems that everyone is looking for the “must do’s” so they do not miss anything.   But who can blame them, they are on vacation and want to make […]

Best Dream Cruises If Money Was No Object

Seabourn Deck, Photo Credit: Seabourn

One of the most influential deciding factors when choosing the right cruise for you and your family is the usually the price.  However, what if the cost didn’t matter and money was no object?  Let’s take a look at the best dream cruises if money was not a factor for your next vacation. 108 Night […]

Most Common Excuses for Not Going on a Cruise

why some peopel don't cruise

Want to convince a family member or friend to go on a cruise, but they keep giving you excuses? I am always talking to people about how great cruises are, but there are a lot of people who are either afraid or hesitant about taking a vacation at sea.  Here are some common reasons you […]

Things That Should Remain Free on Cruises

Cruise lines are beginning to add more and more fees to things that were normally included in your cruise fare just a few years ago.  There are some things on cruises that I do not mind paying extra for and others that I want to be included in my cruise fare. Here are a few […]

First Impressions of the Royal Princess

I am currently on a 7 night cruise to the Eastern Caribbean onboard the Royal Princess. After taking a 5 night cruise on the Ruby Princess last month, I was excited to have the chance to cruise on Princess Cruises largest and newest cruise ship. Here are some of my first impressions of the Royal. […]

Does Princess Cruises “Come Back New” Live Up to Expectations?

Princess Cruises, Come Back New!

One month ago, Princess Cruises began a $20 million marketing campaign that launched the new motto, “come back new”. This marked a return to the television and radio markets for Princess for the first time in over 10 years. This motto change from “Escape Completely” does what no other cruise line motto does, it references […]

Saving Money For A Cruise – 52 Week Challenge


If you have been trying to save money for your next cruise/vacation but are having a hard time getting started, here is an easy way to save money that starts with just a $1. This $1 52 week challenge is geared towards those who have a hard time saving money.  The first week, you will […]

Best and Funniest Cruise Commercials

Cruise lines have run TV commercials since the 1980s promoting their specific styles of cruising.  Some of these commercials were funny and others made you want to book your next cruise vacation right away. Or as we like to say, they gave you Cruise Fever. We searched the internet for the best cruise commercials through […]

Carnival Faster to the Fun Review on the Carnival Liberty

After reading online about Carnival’s “Faster to the Fun” option, I wanted to try it on my upcoming cruise on the Carnival Liberty.  For $50, I liked the idea of not having to wait in lines when I was checking in at the port and having my room ready when I boarded the ship.  Faster […]