How Fast Does a Cruise Ship Travel?

Even though cruise ships are huge, it’s amazing how fast they can travel.   The average speed for the larger cruise ships from Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian is anywhere from 20-24 knots.  This speed translates into around 23 mph – 27 mph. How does knots translate into miles per hour?  You can simple multiply the […]

How Many Cruise Ships Does Carnival Cruise Lines Have?


Carnival Cruise Lines is the largest cruise line in the world right now in terms of the number of cruise ships that they have in their fleet.  Their parent company (Carnival Corp.) owns 9 other cruise lines including some of the more popular ones like Princess Cruises and Holland America Line. You might be wondering how […]

Cruise Ships Under Construction/Ordered

Cruise lines are continuing to order and build cruise ships to meet the growing demand of the cruise industry.  Below is a list of cruise ships that are currently under construction or have been ordered by the major cruise lines. Carnival Cruise Line Carnival Vista Scheduled to be completed in the winter of 2016 4,000 […]