7 Tips for Eating and Dining on a Cruise Ship

One of the things I love most about cruising is the food.  And while I don’t consider myself a “foodie”, I love the freedom and choices I can get.  But not everyone realizes what options are available, so here are a few tips for eating on a cruise ship that will make your vacation even […]

Carnival Anytime Dining: Tips for Your Time Dining with Carnival

carnival my time dining

Carnival has recently rolled out “Anytime Dining”  or “Your Time Dining” on all of its ships.  It first began doing this in 2009 and many cruisers really liked the this flexible dining options so it was available on more ships.  I just wrote a post about Royal Caribbean’s My Time Dining so thought we would […]

Norwegian Freestyle Cruising


Several years ago, Norwegian Cruise Line decided that they were going to give their passengers a new approach to cruising. They developed “Freestyle Cruising” where you are free to do whatever you want wherever you want. What makes Freestyle Cruising so different from everyone else?  The other cruise lines have set dining times.  When you book your cruise, […]

How Does Royal Caribbean’s My Time Dining Work?

freedom of seas my time dining

There have been both positive and negative reports on Royal Caribbean’s My Time Dining.  But whether My Time Dining works for you or not really depends on what your preferences are.  Some people like to get to know their wait staff and sitting with other people at a table is not a problem, while others […]