Buying Unsold Cruise Cabins and What Happens to Them


If you have done some research on getting an unsold cruise cabin a week or two before a cruise, it’s probably because you are hoping to score a ridiculous deal on your cruise stateroom. But gone are the days of just walking up to a cruise port and asking if any cabins rooms are available […]

Cruise Plotter – Find The Right Cruise For You

Dealchecker, the United Kingdom based travel deals specialist, this year released and an exciting, all-new cruise holiday search platform that promises to provide users with the perfect way of booking their next vacation. This project goes by the name of ‘Cruise Plotter’, and is an interactive map that features deals on thousands of cruises to […]

#1 Way to Cruise for Free: Tour Conductor Credits


If someone told you that you could go on a cruise vacation with your family and friends and you did not have to pay for your cabin, would that interest you?  And no, you do not have to sit through a timeshare presentation and be pressured by a pushy salesman. Thanks to tour conductor (TC) […]

7 Tips For Scoring The Best Deal On A Cruise Vacation

Looking for the best deal on a cruise vacation? A cruise can be one of the most memorable vacations that you take in your lifetime.  Here are a few tips to help you score the best deal as you cruise to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Alaska, or the Mediterranean. Cruise in the off-season Cruises will […]

5 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent to Book Your Next Cruise

There is a common misconception going around that travel agents have gone the way of the dinosaur and are not needed to book a cruise.  After all, we have the internet and anyone can book that dream vacation themselves online. Just yesterday when I posted online about using a travel agent to save both time […]

Best Cruises for Budget Conscious Travelers


While everyone loves a good cruise deal,  there are many that would be unable to afford a cruise vacation without these deals.  Here are some of the best cruises for travelers who are looking for budget friendly getaways. MSC Divina The MSC Divina is one of the newest cruise ships that sails to the Caribbean. […]

Best Short Cruises for Winter Getaways

As the cold weather begins to settle across much of the country, the thought of taking a 3-5 night cruise to the warm sunny waters of the Bahamas or Caribbean is as appealing as ever. There are short cruises (3-5 nights) that are geared towards families, for those who are traveling on a budget, and […]

Carnival & Royal Caribbean Stockholder Benefits: Free Onboard Credit


Looking for a way to get up to $250 in onboard credit on every cruise vacation that you take?  It is as easy as owning just 100 shares in Royal Caribbean or Carnival Cruise Line stock.  While these are the only 2 cruise lines to offer this great deal, it can lead to significant savings […]

How to Choose a Cruise Line: Comparison of the Top 10 Cruise Lines

how to choose a cruise line

How do you choose a cruise line with so many choices? Whether you have been on a cruise before or not it always helps to know that each cruise line is different and will offer a different experience for its passengers.  Some may want a cruise that concentrates on fun and games, while another wants […]

Benefits to Booking a Guaranteed Cabin on a Cruise


If you have never booked a guaranteed cabin on a cruise, you could be missing out on a couple great perks.  While these type of cabins are definitely not for everything, they provide some incredible incentives to those who are flexible. What is a guaranteed cabin? A guaranteed cabin is where you book a cabin […]