#1 Way to Cruise for Free: Tour Conductor Credits


If someone told you that you could go on a cruise vacation with your family and friends and you did not have to pay for your cabin, would that interest you?  And no, you do not have to sit through a timeshare presentation and be pressured by a pushy salesman. Thanks to tour conductor (TC) […]

4 Ways to Check for Cruise Price Drops

What happens if the price of your cruise drops after you booked it and put down a deposit?  You can usually get the lower price as long as final payment hasn’t passed. Note: Some special “one day sales” that various cruise lines will offer are for new bookings only. With some fare codes, you can […]

Top 10 Things to Do on a Cruise on a Rainy Day

If you’ve taken enough cruises, chances are you’re going to experience your fair share of rainy days while at sea.  On my last cruise it was cloudy or rainy almost the entire trip, so it inspired me to write this post on some fun things you can still do even if the skies are a […]

7 Tips For Scoring The Best Deal On A Cruise Vacation

Looking for the best deal on a cruise vacation? A cruise can be one of the most memorable vacations that you take in your lifetime.  Here are a few tips to help you score the best deal as you cruise to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Alaska, or the Mediterranean. Cruise in the off-season Cruises will […]

7 Port Shopping Tips For Your Next Cruise

If you are going on a cruise, chances are you will be shopping while in port for some trinkets or souvenirs to bring home. While they may be for yourself or for friends and family, here are 7 tips to remember when shopping in cruise ports. Barter for the best prices When shopping in port, you’d […]

Insider Cruise Tips: What the Cruise Experts Say

Cruise Fever asked a few of the leading cruise experts, writers, and bloggers around the world about their favorite cruise tips.  Here is what they had to say. Doug Parker (CruiseRadio.net): Considering downloading and using Uber instead of a taxi to get to the airport after your next cruise. I recently did this in Seattle and […]

Travel Insurance: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing It

Although travel insurance is often disregarded as unnecessary or as a “scam” for the cruise lines to make more money, it should be an important part of your cruise booking process. With that being said, here are 5 reasons why you should consider purchasing travel insurance for your next cruise. Covers You Before Your Cruise – […]

What Happens When You Get Hurt or Sick on a Cruise

medical facility on cruise ship

On a recent cruise I had the unfortunate pleasure of requiring medical attention while aboard the Carnival Liberty.  But while the injury I sustained was painful, I was impressed with the whole procedure and the medical staff that took care of me.  Here are a few things to keep in mind just in case your […]

15 Questions You Should Never Ask a Cruiser

Here are 15 questions that you should never ask someone who cruises on a regular basis.  Seriously, don’t even think about it. 1. Why don’t you just stay in a hotel? This is one question that I get asked pretty much every time I take a cruise, especially right before I am about to take a cruise […]

Tips to Booking a Cheap Pre-Cruise Hotel on Priceline

If you have read other articles on Cruise Fever, you have seen where we recommend that you fly into the port city the day before your cruise.  Why risk the change of missing your cruise because your flight was delayed due to weather or a mechanical problem with an aircraft (over 20% of all flights in […]