15 Questions You Should Never Ask a Cruiser

Here are 15 questions that you should never ask someone who cruises on a regular basis.  Seriously, don’t even think about it. 1. Why don’t you just stay in a hotel? This is one question that I get asked pretty much every time I take a cruise, especially right before I am about to take a cruise […]

The 10 Most Overlooked Cruise Expenses and How to Avoid Them

How to avoid 10 most overlooked cruise expenses

As most of our readers know, if you want to get the most bang for your buck out of a vacation, it’s hard to beat a cruise.  The cost of traveling all over the world, eating like royalty, and seeing top-notch entertainment every night would come at a high price anywhere else.  But there are […]

How Do I Get Invited to the Captains Table on My Cruise?

Getting the invitation to the captain’s table is an exciting ordeal.  You get to meet the person who is in charge of the glorious vessel you are sailing on and ask all kinds of question and get all kinds of insight.  But how do the cruise lines choose who will get to eat at the […]

5 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent to Book Your Next Cruise

There is a common misconception going around that travel agents have gone the way of the dinosaur and are not needed to book a cruise.  After all, we have the internet and anyone can book that dream vacation themselves online. Just yesterday when I posted online about using a travel agent to save both time […]

Carnival & Royal Caribbean Stockholder Benefits: Free Onboard Credit

Looking for a way to get up to $250 in onboard credit on every cruise vacation that you take?  It is as easy as owning just 100 shares in Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. or Carnival Corporation stock.  While these are the only 2 cruise companies to offer this great deal, it can lead to significant savings […]

Should You Buy Those Cruise Ship Pictures?

Cruise Ship Pictures

From the moment you get past the counter to board your cruise ship you are hounded by photographers and flash bulbs.   But those aren’t the paparazzi mistaking you for a movie star.  They are simply the cruise line’s photographers helping you capture every moment from your cruise vacation.   Each cruise ship has a team of […]

15 Cruise Rookie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Know before you go, here are 15 cruise rookie mistakes and how to avoid them on your next cruise. Picking the wrong cruise line – Some new cruisers do not have an enjoyable experience because they chose the wrong cruise line for their vacation. There is an old saying that says “different strokes for different folks”.  Choosing the […]

Do You Need a Passport for a Caribbean Cruise?

Traveling to the Caribbean on a cruise ship can be the perfect getaway, but along with any trip comes a few inconveniences along the way.  One of the most common questions is whether or not you need a passport to go to the Caribbean.  And people also ask if they can just get by with […]

5 Things You Should Not Do On A Cruise

Before one embarks on a cruise, they often ask the question, “What are some tips and secrets to make the most out of my cruise?”.  It seems that everyone is looking for the “must do’s” so they do not miss anything.   But who can blame them, they are on vacation and want to make […]

Amazon Products That Are Perfect For Cruising

Here are some great products that are found on Amazon that come in extremely handy while on a cruise.  We have personally tested most of the products listed on this page and never cruise without them. 1. Surge Protector with USB Outlets – This is one of the handiest items you can pack for your […]